About Ruchie

Being a Domestic Engineer and a proud mom of 6years old princess n a year old naughty munchkin I love doing something or other ... Sometimes loves cooking , sometimes creating some creative stuffs, sometimes doing art and craft and best part love to dance and sing which is stress buster for me... This blog is just to store my memories and share knowledge on food, reviews, gossip, recipes, fun, contest whatever I have with the world who wish to take !!

Winner Announcement – Food Blog


Our winner write about herself ” An IT Professional who decided to get married to an Olive green…. why she started blogging? check out in her amazing blog somethingiscooking …


She says her blog’s uniqueness is ” Easy to make recipes that can be made by an amateur.”

Follow her on twitter @kohleyedme

Winner Announcement- fashion blog


She is vivacious and bubbly check out her beautiful fashion blog to be trendy peppypumps.com


She tells her blog’s uniqueness “My blog is about fashion, make up and nail art – a unique combination in itself. And what makes it more unique is that I write about how I perceive fashion, my way of doing make up and nail art. And everyone has a unique style and so is mine!”

Follow her on twitter @peppypumps.

Winner Announcement- Mom blog


She defines herself ”  I am a Java developer who has a rocking career, a first-time mom going insane with a naughty kid”  find more about her mommy blog allthatsmom


She defines the uniqueness of her blog “It’s not only parenting but kids fashion and lifestyle which is unique in India.”

Follow her on twitter @allthatsmomblog