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Born in a secured and wonderful middle class family where we are bounded with love and care. Learned to face challenges and problems from my dad and on other hand to be calm and steady in tough from my mom.


I got wonderful education as I wished and came out in flying colour and completed my MCA from ALLIANCE BUSINESS ACADEMY, Bangalore but due to some circumstances God decided something else to put in my plate.


Back to lucknow to my parents is joined Lucknow University as lecturer and experienced wonderful life of teaching where I really learned a lot.

Like all parents my parents too decided and I got married to my Prince Charming and started new journey in life.


With all his support and love, I started everything new in life coming to new city which I really love PUNE, started again my teaching career in one of the college and within 6 months or so my life took again a new good change and I got to know that our face of love is going to be with us very soon ….. and a mother of beautiful angel “IRA” when she entered in our life it was just smiles smiles and smiles …. I realised that yes, now I am complete.


After some time my passion to do something took to back to wrk environment but this time I got offer in Mphasis, Pune as HR-Operations and experienced wonderful for 2 years.


But Ira was growing up and I realised as a mother that she needs me mire than I need a job. I quit that job to be with my little princess but yes I decided I will not sit ideal so then came KALAKRITI


Kalakriti still works it’s a pure passion of mine as it not only deals with jewellery making but you get all Lucknowi dress material and chicken dresses along with dance, art and craft and communication skill classes for kids and ladies as I am trained Kathak dancer and my passion is dancing….

Now, life was going great and one of my friend introduced my to the world of contest in FB I started participating as my mom always told me “Participation is much important than winning ” I still believe and started playing big and small and to tell you fact it’s not easy for any contest player in social networking, it requires time,patience and creativity to be in …. After winning from a pen to my biggest winning of iPhone5S I really enjoy …. But as I firmly believe that ” life is beyond FB world my 6 year daughter now need me more for studies and everything.


My family rule is made my dad and same by my father inlaw that “Family who eat together , bonded with love and stays happy ” Cooking is my hobby ( tell you fact before marriage I hardly cook 😉 ) so just started experimenting participated in many cooking contests and all thought to give my simple recipe to world, again in words of my my mom ” gyan batene se badtha hai aur seekhne ki koi umar nahi hoti !!! ”

And so friends my blog is here for all of you as
“If you dream , need to just stretch your wings and FLY high”


Thank you mummy , papa for giving me wonderful upbringing.
Thank you my inlaws for giving me love and support.
Thank you Mayank for making every single step of my life more easy with you and your love.
Thank you my Ira & Viraj for bringing colours in our life!!

Yeah !! We are blessed with Ira’s little bodygaurd “Viraj”

So If you are here means you are looking for some delicious recipies for sure …here we promise you to serve great recipes…
But what I believe is foodie family means not only a family who loves to eat but foodie also means who love to serve and give good to family members …
In my blog you will sure get recipes alone with some reviews of great Applications, Tabs , Mobiles , food review ofcourse and if you are in any particular City we will give u good details how to get to some great food joints !!!
So let’s begin our foodie journey !!!

7 thoughts on “KNOW ME

  1. Ruchi,
    It’s truly an inspiring story, a true example of where there is a will there is a way.
    Wish you all the very best in life. ..



  2. INTERESTING TO READ …….The Journey to Forfoodiefamily……..ruchi in your personal life you proved yourself a proud daughter for your parents, perfect daughter-in-law, a great soul mate to your hubby…& last but not the least a loving, caring & sharing mom ……GOD BLESS U & ALL YOUR EFFORTS….


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