Daughter Vs Mother

Life is so funny it gives you back what you do.

This Woman’s day my tribute to all wonderful mothers of this world !! Well, I mentioned this post as Daughter Vs Mother, it’s not about the fight between two beautiful creature of the God, but it’s 2 faces of a single woman whose life turns when she switch the role from a daughter to a mother…

Why we always says “PAPA KI PARI ” why it is assumed and said “daddy’s girl and momma’s boy ” have you ever thought about it?

Well, as a daughter if someone ask me whom I was close to I say my papa and if someone ask me whom I admire most, I say my mom ❤ now the difference is dad’s are always a best friend who pampers you, goes crazy play with you and make sure whatever you wish for you get that.

40a1ff3325551d204c5128eac296610cOn the other hand, if you ask your mom or rather force your mom to get something for you, she will give you hundred reasons to adjust in what you have rather wasting money.

As a daughter, I remember whenever I asked any permission from my mom she always answered saying “ask dad” I never understood that point of time. I was being most pampered daughter of my dad and never thought about what all going to be. My mom always said “Study hard and be independent” but at that delicate age when all girls 80% fall in love or dream about their crush I too joined that 80% and thinking “Mom is like Hitler ”

When I used to go to college to attend a lecture at 6:00 am my mom was always ready with hot tiffin packed for me which sometimes irritated me and I went without taking that tiffin and casually saying ” I will have in canteen ” never thought what she would have felt. I love my mom it doesn’t mean that I never felt bad but yes as a daughter I thought it’s my right and liberty to leave my room unorganized and when something goes missing the only word which echoes “Mummyyyyy Mummmyyyyyy”

By God’s grace and my parent’s  wishes, I got married to a wonderful person and my better half. With full Bollywood style dreams, I entered in new phase of life and thought I will make my life like a cake with wonderful icing of love and my kids as cherry on top and from a daughter when my life took a turn towards a MOTHER now I realize what mothers go through as now I am in her shoes. super-woman-multitasking-illustration_23-2147534278

I still love my dad most but I salute my mom for giving me upbringing to adjust in whatever I have in life, I thank my dad for fulfilling my every single wish but I owe my life to my mother who always says “study hard and be independent ” now I realise after being a mother that what she meant by being independent it’s not about 9 am to 6 am job she was talking about, she was trying to tell that you will get 24/7 job but don’t loose your individuality and keep space for your dreams and your hobbies. If she was standing with hot tiffin for me at 6 am means she was much early got up thinking I should not be hungry after my lecture. Round a clock when I think about my kids, I prepare for their exams I feel sorry for being sometimes so rude and selfish to my mom.

I am not feeling shameful saying sorry on this social platform to my mom for hurting known or unknowingly but this SORRY is straight from my heart ❤ to mom.

Now I realize why in Hindi all says “Jab maa banogi tab pata chalega..”

Yes…. I confessed that I feel sorry and bad for my deeds I did as a daughter to my mom.. do you also have to say anything to you mom …share your feelings .. NOW

Written for Masoom as a Guest Post

Guide to Have Your Kids Clean up Their Mess at Home

One of the most important things parents should do it teach their children how to take care of themselves. This task sometimes turns out to be too hard for most parents because in most cases it is too hard for them to succeed in making their kids put their clothes and socks away.

However, if you succeed in teaching your children how to clean up their mess at home, it will be easier for you to make them create some useful habits and be responsible to themselves and their lives. The “Go and clean up your room” request usually gets a response of slamming doors and even hurt feelings. So, parents should remember that children normally learn best when they are offered positive role models and encouragement. Do not push them too hard or offend them in any way.

  • Make a request, not a command

The truth is that children usually give up easily when it comes to cleaning the big mess they have left earlier. Still, they should be taught to be persistent and carefully deal with all the tasks they have by dividing them in several parts that are easier to manage.

In addition, children reach more sympathetic to their parents’ requests to help them with the cleaning process if a specific task is given to them. A great approach is to also help them over the process and show them you care for them.

  • Give them a choice

When your children get bigger, you can also offer them a choice of a few thing that should be done. It is important not to use the domestic cleaning chores as a punishment, because this is how you will make it even more unpleasant for them to do.

  • Make a cleaning schedule

A good approach is to make a list or a schedule with all the cleaning chores for the week and give a specific task for every member of your family. This will definitely boost the sense of responsibility in your children, not to mention the fact that it will make them more empathetic to your family activities.

  • Ask your children join in

All children are curious. So, make them part of your weekly cleaning routine. A good idea is to also ask them about their opinion or ask for an advice how things could be made easier and quicker. By doing this, you will show your children that you care for their opinion, not to mention the fact that they will really feel like part of the family, and this is to help them create useful habits and an ability to work in a team. It will also bring them sense of responsibility and leadership.

  • Be fair when separating the tasks

Remember that all cleaning tasks should be given in correspondence to the child’s age and skills. DomesticCleanLondon Wimbledon advises you to give the easiest tasks to the youngest ones and the hardest ones to the big children. Also, do not forget to talk to them. You should explain why is keeping your home clean and well-organised is so important and always show them how to do the domestic cleaning chores properly.

  • Make cleaning a lot of fun

You should teach your children to be careful and attentive when doing the home cleaning tasks. But you should still remember that they are only children and such tasks usually get them bored easily. So, try to make some fun out of the domestic cleaning. Make a small competition with prizes or play a game. Be creative. Children love competitions and games, so this would be a great way to make them clean the mess quicker.

About the Author: 


Isobel Newman is from London. She operates a small cleaning business. In her spare time, she writes articles with parenting tips and cleaning guides.For more follow her website DomesticCleanLondon Wimbledon

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Cheesy Butter shells



Welcoming our first Guest blogger URMI DESAI from a twin city of Surat known as NAVSARI our first Guest Blogger, holding her diploma in Metallurgy Engineering started her own blog in Feb2k15 and a proud mother of two adorable kids a homemaker sharing her knowledge to all by her delicious recipes and this down to earth lady  says “I’m still a learner !!

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Here comes from her kitchen an easy recipe for all lovely kids

Chessy butter shells

For Dough:
1/3 cup APF/Maida
2 tab sp Wheat flour
3 sp butter (Homemade white )
2 tab sp grated Cheddar cheese(Britannia)
1 tab sp grated processed cheese (Amul)
1/2 tsp chilly flakes
1/2 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp pizza Masala
Salt to taste(I add 1/4 tsp)
Mix all ingredients in flour well n crumbled it. I use unsalted butter if u use salted butter then be careful while adding salt. Make dough like Paratha or Matharis. Give rest for 10 mins .
Now make 45 to 50 equal size of balls.
Take a fork put a ball on it lightly press with your thumb n roll or fold it inside. Punch it on ends with fork.
Make all shells like this.
Heat oil fry shells on low to med flame till light brown.








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