Adventure to real vegetable chips -TERRA ADVENTURE

OVER 20 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS. Terra® Chips are the brainchild of two New York chefs with the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that keeps one’s ingenuity and imagination cooking. Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki each left their jobs at four-star Manhattan restaurants to begin a modest catering business.

I was so delighted when got the pack of this exotic TERRA Adventure pack.


It looked like I am going to be on the journey of new adventure but was really not thought I will go and indulge myself in real VEGETABLE WORLD.

Box itself telling that something new and great is waiting to get explored and my journey towards exotic world of taste was about to begin. Well I heard and firmly believes that first impression is last impression. and when open this exotic box I was fallen in love with the packs.



Being a mother of two little naughty munchkins I know how much kids love chips and they demand it every second day.

All chips are made up of fresh vegetables.

veggie7 YUCA: (Cassava) The lightest of color of the TERRA® Chips, pale yellow-white.



veggie6 PARSNIP: A member of the same family as carrots, fennel, parsley, celery, celeriac and chervil.




veggie2 NATURALLY BLUE POTATO : Vibrant bluish-purple in color, with a slightly nutty flavor, they’re simply unforgettable. Truly a rhapsody in blue.


veggie8 RUBY DIPPED VEGETABLES: Perhaps the most dramatic, these TERRA ®Chips are kissed with beet juice, resulting in their distinctive autumn red color.


veggie13 SWEET POTATO : Sweet potato, a root vegetable often called a yam, is not really a yam at all, but rather a distinct variety of the Ipomea Batata family. Cultivated for thousands of years in the Western Hemisphere, sweet potatoes have become an important part of traditional American cuisine.


veggie5 BATATA : (Boniato or Cuban Sweet Potato) Light brown in color, yet darker than the Yuca. Batata has been savored in the Caribbean for centuries.


veggie4 TARO : (also known as Malanga and Dasheen) The white chip with the characteristic purplish-brown lines.



My daughter was so excited to see these packs 41g each and looks bright and colourful.Guess what ?? We opened it and found it’s not only packs which are colourful but chips too.

Terra Original : 


It is made up of a seasonal mix of root vegetables Taro, Sweet Potato ,Batata,Yuca , Parsnip Sunflower oil ,Sea Salt , Beet juice concentrate (for colour).


It was so cruncy, tasty and above all colourful loved the taste 🙂

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


Terra Blues:  Noone at home could resist to open the catchy pack of Blues


Made up with simple ingredients yet healthy one Blue potatoes, Expeller pressed Canola, sunflower oil and sea salt.


Just after seeing the colour blue my daughter first said no, but when we instited her to try she has not given us a single chips. It’s taste was good but I loved original one more till now.

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


Terra Mediterranean (Herbs & Hint of Lemon ):  img_7387

Made up with Taro,Sweet Potato, Batata, Yuca, Parsnip, sunflower oil, seasoning (whey milk), sea salt, organic evaporated can syrup,spices, Onion powder, garlic powder, autolyzed yeast extract, natural olive oil flavor, citric acid, vinegar powder, safflower oil, oil of lemon, toasted sesame oil & beet juice concentrate for colour.

As these ingredients are natural so the taste. This flavour gets 100/100 marks.


Among all three this is my fav one.

Cost of per pack of net wt 141g (5Oz) is Rs. 395/-


As I loved the flavours so never want to miss the updates from it joined them on facebook Terra Chips .

And for more details their website have lot more info Terra Chips India.


DINEOUT-Find your table on fingertips

Birthday, Anniversary, get together, kitty party, official lunch, client meeting… and you are trying to get your table booked in your fav resturant for same but no time to call and check and book ….
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Once you choose your fav destination to feast you can check out ambience by checking out pics already uploaded on app, along with offers available and above all it tells about how much approximately will be the cost for 2 person, opening hours of restaurant with type of cuisine they serve along with their latest Menu card.




Well today we are trusting more on reviews be it a single online shirt shopping too we check what is the review of customers who already bought the product…so why not trust on the review on food ….This app gives its customers to pen down what they felt about the restaurant and food so friends like you and me can read and make choice …so in every restaurant just on below you can check out review of that particular restaurant with genuine people ..


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And from here DINEOUT amazing team take ahead and in a very short time they will send you confirmation mail along with SMS with all details about your table reservation.


Now only thing left with you is to drive and enjoy your feast!!!

Founded in 2012 by Vivek Kapoor, Ankit Mehrotra, Sahil Jain, and Nikhil Bakshi


Listed over 20,000 restaurants and operating currently in 7 cities

Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahemedabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad

To download this app simply :

Ayub’s ~ Taste to relish

Mumbai a city of dreams!! City which never sleeps !! city where everyone is welcomed !!City with variety of taste and food …


And I believe and know that if you are in Mumbai you will sure visit Taj and Gateway of India …..


and if you are here and looking for something really yummy fits in your pocket then you should go and try Ayub’s


Ok before I start letting you know about food and taste …let me tell you first that in Ayub’s you will not get any sitting arrangements Yes!! you read it right No sitting arrangements …all who comes either stand and have yummy meal or on car dashboard !! And trust me it is really fun to dine like that too …

Well from there menu card ….we selected Chicken Leg Piece


It was real juicy and tender cooked served with really spicy green chutney and onions !!

I will rate it 4/5****

Then we ordered Mutton Keema and Boti Roll



I must advice you if you love mutton don’t ever miss trying Mutton Keema it was served with Rumali Roti and was just delicious !!

And roll was Good but my vote goes to mutton keema if my tummy would have allowed me I would have ordered one more plate !!

For Mutton Keema 5/5 *****
for Roll 3/5 ***

So people don’t miss just go and dine

Address: 43, Near Rhythm House, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023
Hours: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM


If you are in Thane(w) and looking for some good North Indian taste forfoodiefamily suggests you to try once “Northern tadka resturant On 2nd Floor of R-Mall, in Ghodbander Road.

It is said that first impression is last impression for me once I entered I loved the ambience …ah!! If you think you will get Punjab inside…no setting is like normally what you get in any resturants but slow playing a old bollywood music , and decoration even their waiters dressed as pujabi style and for drinking water too you will get “Kulhad”

Well then came Menu card in shape of fan !!!


Manager told us to try their Today’s Special starter “Fadfadi Kabab”

So in starter we ordered as suggested by manager 1 “Fadfadi kabab ” image

And 1 our choice from menu’s mentioned on first “Dhuadhaar KABAB” image

Now coming to taste Fadfadi Kabab was just like chicken tangdi Kabab but Dhuadhar Kabab was really good .. We loved it as we love spicy…yes bit spicy but really nice … Oh how can I miss mentioning 2 yummy chutney they serve with starter .. One is usual green pudina, dhaniya chutney and other one was garlic with curd and red chilli paste they make .. And I liked garlic one 😋

Well it was long time we had biryani so we ordered their “Murg Dum Biryani ” and see they served very much in authentic way….
Taste was perfect…served with curd but I had with my fav by that time garlic chutney …

Till the time we were already full … So asked to bring bill but they surprised us as they serve complimentary jalebi rabri to all guest … Yummy

Now this is called great weekend of forfoodiefamily with family in NORTHERN TADKA ..

Well ,forfoodiefamily rate them 4.5/5
If you are in Andheri,Dahisar and Malad you can look for same resturant as they have chains there too….

Do share your experience if you get chance to dine with your family in this restaurant!!
Till then keep following and happy eating with your family 😋😋

Sizzle Desi-World Cuisine with Indian Flavors


Face behind Sizzle Desi

Chef Parag with his rich experience of 25 years in hotel management, restaurants,banqueting and hospitality. He did his graduation in Hotel Mgmt Diploma from Food Craft Institute Pune and thought to give new destination to all foodies in Thane with his mouth watering dishes …. He wanted to give his ever loved place and people of thane where he spend his childhood something exciting and new but grounded to roots and his dream comes true and his dream is now what Thane people knows is “Sizzle Desi”.
A person can dream a lot but to make it true and to give it a face it’s very necessary to have mentally and physically a person who listens to you and believe in your dream … Chef Parag is among that lucky one who got his better half Megha and lovely daughter Meera who joined their hands in his dream and gave his dream a face “Sizzle Desi”.


Every restaurant has a distinct ambience, taste and a service quality that defines its existence…
As soon as you will enter in restaurant you will feel positive vibes and smiling staff welcoming you.


Ambience is nice and very well maintained but only one thing which can be added more to enhance the beauty and comfort if some sitting lounge is added which in future I hope and wish to see …else very nicely done interiors.

Menu card was designed keeping the theme of the restaurant just like a sizzle plate …
And menu is having more than 60 sizzlers …it’s just wow !!! In one menu 60 Sizzlers which made me more curious to know what’s the best to order…


And to rescue us Meera came as a guiding hope to us and helped us to select best from chef’s kitchen…

She told us to try her fav soups and we ordered same

Mushroom Cappuccino with add on Chicken (you can try out same with sea food)
& Cream of Broccoli,crumbled cottage cheese



Both of the soups are equally awesome and I was so happy as my 7 years daughter finished her cream of broccoli soup which generally a tough job for a mother …

And for starter we decided to again trust Meera as she said Mutton Sukka & Fries Animal style are best…



Well to be very honest with my readers and followers ….
Yes, if you love Mutton I will highly recommend you to go and try one. Mutton Sukka It was just out of world I loved it …it was cooked so nicely and tender with perfectly blend and coated with spices …..

About Fries Animal style I would say Ok as it doesn’t tempt me much …If you are going along with your small kids you can order for them and try.

And it’s time for jumping to main course and so many varieties of sizzlers in one menu from vegetables to paneer .. From chicken to mutton till sea food .. You just think of and you get it.

They serve sizzlers with different kind of sauces and you can choose anyone from it .. Arrabiatta/ Garlic / Pepper/ Mustard/ Pepper/ Barbeque/ Chimichuri/ Harissa/ ThaiRed/ ThaiGreen/ Schezwan/ Sweet Soya/ Hoisin/ Oyster/ Chilli Soya/ Makhani/ Bhuna.

We stuck to our guide for evening Meera and she helped us and told us to try Grilled Harissa chicken and we ordered same and as expected it was also just perfect , perfectly cooked and tender accompanied with rice and Harissa sauce.


They always serve all sizzlers with Creamy Spinach, Mashed Potatoes/Potato wedges/ Potato Skins/ French Fries, Cream Corn and Butter Garlic Veggies.

I can go for it again for sure and so I can say you don’t miss this one ..

By this time we were almost done and had no space for desert but something which really made us interested and tempt to try was unique desert in menu card and it was “Gulab Jamun Chocolate Sizzle” and we ordered that …


OMG !!! This is something which is totally out of box and I never had it anywhere ….

Best time to relish it!!!!

Oh how can I forget to tell usually after completing dinner or lunch in any restaurant we always come out having mukhwas …..but here you get something new and really interesting and equally refreshing … Desi sizzler serve in place of Mukhwas ~ Paan shots !!!


This is not only where creativity stops Chef Parag told us that they serve variety of sizzlers and which is more tempting and I am sure you all would surely love yo have that …. Some Out of Box sizzlers which you only get here are #

Sabudana Upvas Sizzler


Upvas Bhajani Sizzler


Puran poli sizzler


Bharli Vangi


For birthday parties, small get together of a kitty party I recommend this place … Enjoy !!

It’s easy to reach there

1 Trishul Apt, West Panch Pakhadi, West 400602, Eastern Express Hwy, Panch Pakhadi, Thane, Maharashtra

For Reservations # 022 2533 9751

Connect with them on Facebook # Sizzle Desi

And Bon Appetite!!!