Daughter Vs Mother

Life is so funny it gives you back what you do.

This Woman’s day my tribute to all wonderful mothers of this world !! Well, I mentioned this post as Daughter Vs Mother, it’s not about the fight between two beautiful creature of the God, but it’s 2 faces of a single woman whose life turns when she switch the role from a daughter to a mother…

Why we always says “PAPA KI PARI ” why it is assumed and said “daddy’s girl and momma’s boy ” have you ever thought about it?

Well, as a daughter if someone ask me whom I was close to I say my papa and if someone ask me whom I admire most, I say my mom ❤ now the difference is dad’s are always a best friend who pampers you, goes crazy play with you and make sure whatever you wish for you get that.

40a1ff3325551d204c5128eac296610cOn the other hand, if you ask your mom or rather force your mom to get something for you, she will give you hundred reasons to adjust in what you have rather wasting money.

As a daughter, I remember whenever I asked any permission from my mom she always answered saying “ask dad” I never understood that point of time. I was being most pampered daughter of my dad and never thought about what all going to be. My mom always said “Study hard and be independent” but at that delicate age when all girls 80% fall in love or dream about their crush I too joined that 80% and thinking “Mom is like Hitler ”

When I used to go to college to attend a lecture at 6:00 am my mom was always ready with hot tiffin packed for me which sometimes irritated me and I went without taking that tiffin and casually saying ” I will have in canteen ” never thought what she would have felt. I love my mom it doesn’t mean that I never felt bad but yes as a daughter I thought it’s my right and liberty to leave my room unorganized and when something goes missing the only word which echoes “Mummyyyyy Mummmyyyyyy”

By God’s grace and my parent’s  wishes, I got married to a wonderful person and my better half. With full Bollywood style dreams, I entered in new phase of life and thought I will make my life like a cake with wonderful icing of love and my kids as cherry on top and from a daughter when my life took a turn towards a MOTHER now I realize what mothers go through as now I am in her shoes. super-woman-multitasking-illustration_23-2147534278

I still love my dad most but I salute my mom for giving me upbringing to adjust in whatever I have in life, I thank my dad for fulfilling my every single wish but I owe my life to my mother who always says “study hard and be independent ” now I realise after being a mother that what she meant by being independent it’s not about 9 am to 6 am job she was talking about, she was trying to tell that you will get 24/7 job but don’t loose your individuality and keep space for your dreams and your hobbies. If she was standing with hot tiffin for me at 6 am means she was much early got up thinking I should not be hungry after my lecture. Round a clock when I think about my kids, I prepare for their exams I feel sorry for being sometimes so rude and selfish to my mom.

I am not feeling shameful saying sorry on this social platform to my mom for hurting known or unknowingly but this SORRY is straight from my heart ❤ to mom.

Now I realize why in Hindi all says “Jab maa banogi tab pata chalega..”

Yes…. I confessed that I feel sorry and bad for my deeds I did as a daughter to my mom.. do you also have to say anything to you mom …share your feelings .. NOW

Written for Masoom as a Guest Post

Jaya hey- Javed Ali ( Live in Concert)


“ए मेरे वतन के लोगों ज़रा आँखों में भर लो पानी , 

जो शहीद हुए है उनकी याद करो क़ुर्बानी !!”  

Amit Malhotra Co-Founder & CEO of  Ten Dimensions international an Indian who feels proud of our Indian army and our Indian soldiers thought to do something for those brave ladies who sent their husbands on border to save us without thinking twice & lost them forever while they were saving us “Jaya Hey ” is fundraising event for those soldier’s widows.

image Ten dimensions is an all-encompassing media & entertainment hub based in Mumbai, committed to deliver world-class services across its core domains of; Events, Digital, Films and Talent. Co-founded by Amit Malhotra, Neeru Sabharwal & Madhusudan Sigrodia, the team of Ten Dimensions has a collective experience of over 30 years in the entertainment industry and boasts of successfully handling high profile clients, such as the I&B Ministry, Cultural Ministry, Indian Navy, Mrs. Hema Malini, MTDC, Aditya Birla Group are few to name. 

 But this noble cause would not be possible without support of Mrs. Subhashini Vasanth, founder of Vasantharatna foundation.

Vasantharatna foundation: 


Vasantharatna Foundation for Art was set up by renowned Bharatnatyam Dancer Mrs Subhashini Vasanth, in the memory of her husband, Col Vasanth Venugopal, who was awarded the Ashok Chakra for an exemplary bravery in Jammu & Kashmir in 2007.

Mrs Subhashini Vasanth founded the Vasantharatna Foundation with the aim of creating a support system for the families of martyred soldiers. She is a recipient of the Neerja Bhanot Award 2016. image

Objective & Goal of this prestigious organization is :

Empower women through education and arts to help them discover their potential
• Educate and train children of the martyred
• Build a bridge between army families and the society
• Increase public awareness of the sacrifices of the soldiers and their families
• To provide family counseling and legal support

About “Jaya Hey”: 

The event is conceived, executed & presented by Ten Dimensions International & the proceeds from the event will go to the Vasantharatna Foundation for Art.

Event Highlights:
▪ 2 hour long, Live Concert by Javed Ali.
▪ Launch of patriotic song, Disha Disha Bahe Hawa sung by Devyani Majumdar.
▪ Release & exclusive screening of ‘Borders & Widows’, a film based on true-life stories of War Widows (Foreword by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan).
▪ Felicitation of ex-Army person who are now building the society with their initiatives.
▪ RJ Rohini of Radio Nasha will host the event.
▪ Mangalbhoomi – a dance act with a confluence of seven Indian Classical Dance styles.

 Proposed Guests list:
• Sh. Anant Geete – Minister of Heavy Industries & PSU
• Air Vice Marshall M. Fernandez ‐ Indian Air Force
• Group Captain Subroto Kundu – Indian Air Force
• Isha Koppikar – Bollywood Actor & Model*
• Gracy Singh – Bollywood Actor & dancer

Such a great event this evening & luckily I got a chance to ask quick questions to Amit Malhotra CEO & Co founder of Ten dimensions 


CC: How was Ten Dimensions born? What is the company all about? What is it’s vision?

Amit : Ten Dimensions is a media & entertainment hub, created out of the passion of its founders to make a mark in the global events & entertainment industry. It’s pupose is to create & deliver world class services across its core domains of Events, Digital, Films & Talent.

CC: Every Indian wants to do something for his country. Ten Dimensions organizing an event on 12th of August 3 days before Independence Day “Jaya hey” how this idea of organizing an event for War Widows was born?

Amit: “None of us can exist in isolation. Our lives and existence is supported by others, in seen and unseen ways, be it our parents, teachers or society at large. To be aware of these connections, to feel appreciation for them and to strive to give something back to society in a spirit of gratitude is the proper way for human beings to live.” – By Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Peace Builder, Poet & Author

The loss of a soldier fighting the enemy is heart breaking for any nation, but the biggest brunt of it is borne by his family… more so the Widow he leaves behind.

It is with this thought that we decided to contribute to the welfare of those families whose Men have sacrificed their lives so that we remain safe & protected.

JayaHey is an effort to repay that debt to the Martyrs’ families.

CC: Fund which would be raised by this event how that would be going to help real hero’s family?

Amit:  Vasantharatna Foundation for Art, founded by Mrs. Subhashini Vasanth, is doing plethora of good work for the welfare and development of the families of Defense Martyrs of our country. Using arts as a medium for covering projects in education and empowerment, the foundation aims to create a support system for the spouses and families of our Armed Forces personnel. The prime objective of the foundation are as follows:

✓ To empower women from martyrs’ families through education and the arts, and help them to discover their potential to achieve their goals.
✓ To educate and train children of such families.
✓ To develop relationships between army families on the one hand and members of the larger society who are willing to reach out, on the other.
✓ To increase public awareness of the sacrifices of soldiers and their families.
✓ To provide family counseling and legal support.
CC:  Javed Ali is one of the most versatile singer of Bollywood, what was his reaction when you approached him with this idea of an event? Was it easy to get him on board?

Amit: Javed was absolutely delighted to join hands for the cause. In fact, I clearly remember he had a baby like excitement on his face when in one of our later meetings we were discussing the kind of songs should be performed at the event. Approaching him was also easy and very friendly indeed. I guess when your own heart & intentions are clear, it becomes relatively easy to approach and have a dialogue with people around.

CC: GIMA nominee Devyani Majumdar is going to release her first patriotic song “Disha Disha hawa Bahe” on this prestigious event, tell us something about that?

Amit:  Devyani is a very talented artist. Having already worked with renowned and respectable artistes like Shri. Anup Jalota, Ustad Rashid Khan and on a romantic single with Javed Ali himself, she is now releasing Disha Disha Bahe Hawa at the Jaya Hey event. It is amazing and fits perfectly with the theme of the event.

CC:  Can we expect such good caused event from Ten dimensions to be organized in future?

Amit: Most certainly – yes.

CC:  Any message you want to give?

Amit: Happiness of human beings is the basis for all kinds of advancement. If the society, complex and homes that we live in are not happy, we, as individuals can never be happy either. So while working hard to achieve our own personal dreams and desires, we should consciously make efforts to contribute to the happiness & welfare of people around us.

Devyani Majumder: 


From her “Shyam piya” album with bhajan & gazal maestro Anup Jalota to her GIMA nominated “Jazbaa” with  Ustaad Rashid Khan this versatile singer has made a mark in the hearts of hordes of fans across the globe.

I got this opportunity to have a quick chit chat with this versatile singer launching her first patriotic song “Disha disha bahe hawa  “

CC: First of all congratulations as you are launching your first patriotic song disha disha bahe hawa? How does it feel?

Devyani: Thank you so much. I feel ecstatic to be finally releasing this song which is very close to my heart. A lot of effort has been put into this particular song by all the people involved in its making. I’m very grateful and I genuinely hope everyone likes it.
CC: Your first album which was recorded with Bhajan & Gazal Maestro Sri Anup Jalota, Shyam Piya, how does that happen?

Devyani: Anupji’s lyricist had attended one of my shows in Mumbai and heard me for the first time. He loved my work and introduced me to Anupji thereafter. Incidentally I was planning to do a bhajan album at that time, and my interaction with Anupji put the entire plan in motion.

CC: After sharing your melodious voice with Sri Anup Jalota your Gazal album with Ustaad Rashid Khan Jazbaa got nomination in GIMA, share your experience attached to it?

Devyani: I have been very fortunate to have worked with stalwarts of the industry like Anupji and Ustaad Rashid Khan Saab. Jazbaa is one of the finest projects I’ve been part of. I consider myself truly lucky to have been able to work with Ustaad Ji.Getting a GIMA nomination for my first ghazal album has been nothing short of a dream. To share a nomination for the best ghazal album at GIMA with industry stalwarts is a dream come true.

CC: Why you have chosen Jaya hey event to launch your song disha disha bahe hawa?

Devyani:  As you know, Disha Disha Bahe Hawa is a patriotic song that encompasses the beauty of our motherland. When I got to know that a program as meaningful as Jaya Hai was being organised for the war widows of our country on the occasion of our 70th Independence Day, I decided to dedicate my song to them. It is the sacrifice of our armed forces and the families they have left behind that makes our motherland actually beautiful.

CC: How did you get associated with Ten Dimensions how was your experience?

Devyani: I have known the partners of Ten Dimensions since a long time now. I share a very close personal rapport with all of them.
I have always had an amazing experience while working with them. I feel this can be attributed to the close bond we all share.

CC: Jaya hey is an event raised for good cause. Do you want to share any message for your fans here??

Devyani: I would simply request all my fans to never forget the sacrifices of our troops and their families. They have given so much for all of us. It is our duty to give them all the support they deserve

So this is the event full of fun, emotion & above all good cause!!! I feel proud to be a part of it…and wish this event a great success!!!

Don’t forget to book your tickets for this event today.

You can you can book tickets at : http://bit.ly/BMSJayaHeyTickets

Thanks for being here.