Just thought to have some fun while blogging!!!

What say ??? Are you all ready ??

#CreativeCurve thought to bring something creative for all my co-bloggers.

I know you all are great in writing & expressing so one week yes just one week can we give our blog for emotions!!

Yes, you guess it right #BlogOEmotion is to blog about 8 basic human emotions.

Ready!!! Simple rules:

Waves of Emotion go live : 8th Aug to 15th Aug 2k16

8th Aug: Emotion of JOY

9th Aug: Emotion of FEAR

10th Aug : Emotion of ANGER

11th Aug: Emotion of TRUST

12th Aug: Emotion of SADNESS

13th Aug : Emotion of LOVE

14thAug : Emotion of DISGUST

15th Aug: Emotion of  PRIDE

Blog & add your blog links to daily link on #CreativeCurves

Remember to add “Participating in #BlogOEmotion with #CreativeCurves” linking to daily link post of my blog !!

Share your link on Twitter too … Tag @ruchis28 & don’t forget to add #CreativeCurves#BlogOEmotion

If you are on Facebook follow CreativeCurves & share with your links there with #CreativeCurves & #BlogOEmotion

You can always add below image


Let’s share the emotions in form of write ups, poems, pictures in whatever way!!!

Till then keep blogging !!

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