Voice of India-Nishtha Sharma


She is little princess of her parents, little pretty naughty sister of her big brother and a happy friend and a good student but when she sung the sargam even musical and magical voice king Shaan can’t control himself and turned to say I WANT YOU, multitalented Shekhar was so impressed by her singing that he made her sit on his chair but this lucky charm chooses Neeti Mohan as her mentor for the journey of Voice of India. Presenting little chit chat wit this young and melidious singer winner of 2016 Voice of India “Nishtha Sharma”

Q. How youimg_7590 entered in VOI?

A. After being in Top 20 of Indian Idol junior, I got confidence in myself that I can do much more in field of singing with constant guide of my parents. When got to know about VOI through internet and TV ads given my audition.



Check her blind audition

Q. Who is your inspiration?img_7586

A. My both parents are in music and running music institute (Shri Swami Haridas Sangeet Sewa Sansthan) in Sultanpur. I learned music from my both parents and my elder brother is my constant guide and mentor.

Q. Tell something about the journey of VOI.

A  Journey of VOI was too good under great coaches we all learned a lot. They all taught us how to be presentable and better performers not only this heard their struggle stories of life which inspired me a lot.

Q. Neeti Mohan is a versatile singer how was your experience being under her guidance?img_7587

A. Neeti Ma’am is really sweet person with her we all enjoyed a lot and she has given her full time to coach us and made us very comfortable with the choice of songs.


Q. You are big fan of Asha ji, which song you want to sing in front of her if got chance?

A. I always love to sing her songs. If I get chance will sing same songs which I sung in VOI and everyone liked it a lot, one is Pan khaye saiya hammar and other is Piya bawari .


Q. Youimg_7585 want to take up your career in singing, how your school supported you in this musical journey?


A. There was full support of my principal and teachers, they helped me in this journey and my studies not get effected.




Q. How img_7588your parents reacted on this winning?

A. People in Sultanpur don’t know much about music and my parents both from musical background always wanted to give full support and guidence with musical knowledge to all students in their institute. They wanted someone to make that name and when I won for them it’s like dream comes true.



Q. You gained img_7593popularity in such a small age, any message to kids who want to make career in singing ?

A. I would say music is a good way to connect to God, it not only give entertainment and fun but also a stress buster and make you to feel good. Music is a big Samandar you need to be very dedicated to learn it.



Thanks Nishtha 🙂 for taking out time and sharing your journey with us. Wishing you on behalf of all my readers a very bright & musical future full with smile 🙂

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Interview with Soma Roy – Diamond Queen award Winner

Taking our country India on global platform Soma Roy was top 5 finalist of Mrs Singapore Worldwide Internatiomal 2016 and winner of Diamond Queen award.

Presenting her interview for our readers how she won so many hearts ❤


Q: From Dhanbad to Singapore how you describe your journey?

Soma :My journey from Dhanbad to Singapore is quite exciting. As we all know we all have ups and down in life, so was mine too. Dhanbad is my birthday place: my school friends, teachers, relatives and most importantly my own home. A lot of memories are tied up there in Dhanbad. It was not easy for us to move to West Bengal. But it was a new beginning for all of us. I did my Masters in English from Rabindra Bharati University and Bachelors in Arts (English Hons) img_7376from University of Calcutta. Soon after I finished my Masters I got married and my fate brought me to Singapore. And the second phase of my life begins in this wonderful red dot.

Q: How a teacher who won best teacher award twice in Singapore turned towards modelling?

Soma: Well! Even I ddi not know that I will be a model one day. But I always enjoyed stage. During my school days I performed many functions. I was liked by teachers and friends for my singing talent. When I joined preschool as a teacher in Singapore besides teaching little ones I got opportunity to choreograph dance for children aged 4 years. It was a challenge for me because firstly they were so young and secondly, the song was Hindi movie song and the kids were non-Indians (Chinese & Malay). Our hard work was paid off; parents and teachers were very elated with the performance and was a real success to me. Modelling likewise was an experiment for me. I dared to participate in Sari Queen img_7375last year and won the grand prize. This event was a door opener for me in the path of modelling. I started getting recommendation for photo shoots and freelance modelling assignments.

Q. How your family reacted when you told them about your participation in Mrs Singapore QOS Worldwide International 2016?

Soma : To be honest, my husband is the one who always encouraged me to join pageants and modelling. I think somehow he has seen some potential within me. He is very happy and extremely cooperative throughout. Whenever I felt down, his enthusiastic words pulled me back.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

Soma: My husband is my inspiration, without his support, love and encouragement I wouldn’t even thought of joining the world of glitz and glamour.

Q. Who is your role model & strength?

Soma: My mum is my role model. She has planted the seed of good qualities in me from the very beginning, especially qualities like humbleness, honesty and hard work. I am harvesting these qualities and living a life of strong andimg_7377 dignified woman. My husband and son are my strength. They are my world and they have taught me how to live dreams.

Q: How your little champ reacted on this pageant?

Soma: For my son his Maa is a cute doll, that’s what he calls me. For him I am the cutest mummy in the world. For him it was like another event. I always believe that we all should try new things in life and step out from our copmfort zone . I encourage him to participate in the events in his school and share with him that there is nothing to lose in any competition. If you win you have achieved something ,if you cannot then you are one step ahead of those who never even tried, you gathered experience and learned new things. So, I think of course he was proud to see me being crowned and was very positive about the whole event.

Q: What was your reaction when you announced as Asia Pacific Queen of Substance Diamond Award?

Soma: Of course I feel truly blessed to be nominated and awarded as Asia Pacific Queen Diamond Queen of Substance 2016 by Lumiere International’s Justina Tan, family and friends who have immensely supported me.img_7379

Q: Lastly, any message to all the aspiring women who dream of being a part of such pageant?

Soma: I would like to say that I am an also just like any other lady. I believe that each of us has a special quality which can outshine us. It is not necessary to join pageant to be successful, just enjoy doing what you want to do. Definitely support of family plays a crucial role for a married woman, to step out and live their dreams. Being persistent in what we are doing and always being humble can work as a magic wand especially in the pageants. Most importantly believe in yourself, dare to dream and you can do it.

Q: Any message for your readers?

Soma: Thanks for the going through this interview to all my readers. Life is short. If we bury our passion for others and think we are sacrificing for our loved ones then we are doing injustice to ourselves we have to think ourselves as an individual. As a woman if I enjoy being a stay home mum and or a housewife I would say it’s also an awesome work. It is not easy to hold this role 24/7. At the end of the day we must think “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now”.

Pic Credit : Soma Roy

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What a day it was!!

wow post

Some memories never fades and so this day 19th Feb 2016 when I was invited as a Blogger at NSCI ground,Worli , Mumbai for #AvivaEarlyStarters initiative where they provided 23 children to live their dream.

These lucky kids will be having an opportunity to interact and play with God of cricket and brand Ambassador of Aviva as this campaign was his dream as he started his big dream because he started early ….img_1870

Well, there we all bloggers taken up our seats and they announced that other than we are coverage , Aviva bought something really exciting in their list for all of their invited bloggers and that was …fastest coverage and blogging contest and one lucky winner blogger will get a meet and greet chance with the master blaster, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

With so many talented and experienced bloggers I thought my chances are very less but I learned from my mother that “Don’t give up without trying ” so, I thought to definitely give it a try and started my bit towards that contest.

I published my blog post #AvivaEarlyStarter and all set to leave the venue without result declaration as I overheard some bloggers mentioning one of the famous blogger presented there will sure win this..I was happy as I have given my best but yet not confident to win that. I was all set to leave the venue just then one of the volunteer came and said please wait till result announcement and I just waited on exit…and unexpected when they declared my blog as winner I was on top of the world.as I was the only one going to meet and greet Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.


I met him , clicked few pic with him and when I asked him for an autograph for my daughter who love cricket he laughed and asked “First tell me her name ?”


He was humble and so nice and it made my day and my never give up attitude a chance to stand next to him for sometime which everyone dreams for…

It was a great day of my life whose memory will never fade.

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The Calling – Unleash your true self!!


Name of the Book : The Calling – Unleash Your True Self

From the pen of (Author) : Priya Kumar

Pages to get inspire156

About the Author :


Born and bought up in Chandigarh, Priya says “ My sheer drive and purpose to make people’s lives better.”

Priya became a motivational speaker at 24 years of age, making her the youngest motivational speaker in India in 1998.She conducts workshops with multi national corporate houses across the world. Her areas of expertise are corporate training, leadership, motivation, team-building, and personal breakthrough.

She has won six international awards :


  1. Finalist of Montaigne medal 
  2. Finalist 2015 USA best book award 
  3. Winner Non Fiction Legacy Eric Hoffer award 
  4. Winner First Horizon Award
  5. Winner Eric Hoffer award spiritual Category 
  6. Winner Evergreen medal Living Now Books Awards Michigan 

Priya Kumar is an Indian motivational speaker, corporate trainer, columnist, radio jockey and author.She has been awarded as the Women Leader in India, writer’s category.

Synopsis of "The Calling "

The Calling is a spiritual adventure. It is an encounter with the truth, the wisdom and the force that is innate to us all. At the brink of a divorce and personal breakdown, Arjun took a trip into the heart of the Himalayas, on the insistence of a sadhu, who predicted that the journey up to Hemkund Sahib would align him to his purpose and change his life forever. At every turn the mountains holds secrets and tests that urge Arjun to evolve into the person he had denied to be – himself. Pretenses, falsities, confusions and untruths fall apart as Arjun is forced to confront the mess he had created in his life. What started off as an opportunity to escape reality, turned out to be an opportunity to escape from the dwindling spiral of self-created misery. Filled with spiritual insights and sprinkled with light humor, this story will help you find your calling, your voice and who knows, even your true self.


The story is about Arjun , a depressed individual whose personal and professional life has taken a tumultuous turn. It is then that he meets with an accident that changes his life forever. An accident that leads him to find himself. He then meets a sadhu who advises him to take a journey to Hemkund Sahib located in The Himalayas. However, Arjun isn’t aware that this journey would provide him with pearls of wisdom, knowledge, truth and finally himself.

Story which will keep you bounded to keep reading and you will not get bore and don’t regret reading till last page. You will also learn along with Arjun as you keep reading by the various tests which the second sadhu subjects Arjun to.

This book is for every such person who love to learn on every stage and get motivated, overall if I have to quote this book I will say “Best Motivational Book” must have on your bookshelves!!


Rating: 4.5/5

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Spreading knowledge is gaining knowledge ….


Yaaron Ki Baraat

Yes, this is absolutely true in my case.

I feel lucky to have many good friends in my life, friends last from 30 years, friends from 15-20 years…I cherish my friendship but few friends hold some special place, not because they are different but they do things different…

This post is for my yaara “Surbhi” …(Now don’t smile reading this post ok….) well we are friends from last 2 years only but few people come in life with some heart to heart connection and she is one of that kind.

Well let me Introduce you all to this creature of God which we all call as “Surbhi” …

13095735_1111543835535469_2205843295740986749_nShe is funny, sweet, nice, not innocent, nautanki and above all a girl with a golden heart. MBA by profession, mother of naughty naughty Aru , caring wife, great dancer with smiling face and above all as my hubby says …”Challenge Italy noone can cook pasta like surbhi …..” an amazing chef of our group !!!

Now, you all wold be amazed to know …Surbhi was my hubby’s colleague in office and she left the job for Aru her son, as he needed more attention of this multitalented mother. We never met before but from my hubby I heard so many times about her and especially about her dabba and her cooked batti chokha, that she cooks amazing.

On one weekend, we invited Surbhi and Ajay (her husband …need to mention him too 🙂 ) for dinner that was when I met her first …. I was expecting my second babyimg_6701 at that time … although it was our first meeting but looks liked we know each other from years .. from then our friendship started and must have to admit that she is very caring girl I have came across.

Due to some medical emergency I got admitted to hospital in April and my due date was in July.. those were the toughest days of our life. She made sure that I don’t feel down in any case and stood beside me leaving all..supporting me emotionally and making me smile all time…I delivered my extremely premature baby who went in NICU for long 2 months but she was always there to support and bring smileimg_1420 on my face. My mother always says ” You can easily judge people in your toughest time” and inspite of knowing her from just few months she use to leave her little boy to neighbor and use to be with me to support in hospital all the time…I know that is one thing I can’t pay off …or I should say I’m not kind of a person who speak about it but today I got this platform to say “Thanks Surbhi”, thanks for everything 🙂 ….

Now I am really mean if I don’t mention that she is from Ahmedabad. I don’t know but I do take so much liberty to pull her leg and be blunt on her face telling if she is right or wrong but she never gets angry …(If she gets angry ….let’s see for how many hours ….hahahahaha s mean I’m ) …

She says “I am equal to her 10 mother in law …but I’m not …hehe I’m one of my own kind….Some beautiful moments ….

img_6700 img_6699




Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!!


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