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Some memories never fades and so this day 19th Feb 2016 when I was invited as a Blogger at NSCI ground,Worli , Mumbai for #AvivaEarlyStarters initiative where they provided 23 children to live their dream.

These lucky kids will be having an opportunity to interact and play with God of cricket and brand Ambassador of Aviva as this campaign was his dream as he started his big dream because he started early ….img_1870

Well, there we all bloggers taken up our seats and they announced that other than we are coverage , Aviva bought something really exciting in their list for all of their invited bloggers and that was …fastest coverage and blogging contest and one lucky winner blogger will get a meet and greet chance with the master blaster, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

With so many talented and experienced bloggers I thought my chances are very less but I learned from my mother that “Don’t give up without trying ” so, I thought to definitely give it a try and started my bit towards that contest.

I published my blog post #AvivaEarlyStarter and all set to leave the venue without result declaration as I overheard some bloggers mentioning one of the famous blogger presented there will sure win this..I was happy as I have given my best but yet not confident to win that. I was all set to leave the venue just then one of the volunteer came and said please wait till result announcement and I just waited on exit…and unexpected when they declared my blog as winner I was on top of the world.as I was the only one going to meet and greet Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.


I met him , clicked few pic with him and when I asked him for an autograph for my daughter who love cricket he laughed and asked “First tell me her name ?”


He was humble and so nice and it made my day and my never give up attitude a chance to stand next to him for sometime which everyone dreams for…

It was a great day of my life whose memory will never fade.

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Back to memory lane

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Memories are always cherished but few moments changes your life and if you capture them it’s way perfect to cherish them life long …..My 3 pictures which make me feel happy and bring back smile on my face ….


  1. Winning Beautiful smile and crowned by Bipasha Basu :image Facebook contest world took me on stage of Emami Miss Beautiful Smile 👰🏻 where I was really not willing to go for final round. After family insisting me to move ahead and go to give a chance I won the title and crowned as Miss Beautiful smile 🙂 by Bipasha Basu.Thanks to Emami for this opportunity and making my life worth by adding this memorable moment to cherish always. Check full article on this journey right here.
    Check News coverage : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrgFDZLUUsI
  2. Dream come true: imageMeeting d Diva Madhuri Dixit whome I admire, love , my inspiration, my dancing passion comes from her. Facebook contest on Gaana offical page oraganized a contest on release of “Gulabi Gang” to meet & greet the diva. I have give my 100000% to meet her & God blessed me and I met my dream diva. Believe me she is so down to earth person I was speechless and full in tears while meeting her. Can’t even forget this moment of my life I will carry till my life
  3. Meeting God of Cricket: Started blogging as I wanted to share my knowledge so that I can gain more. In just 1&1/2 years I got opportunity by Aviva to participate in #AvivaEarlyStartersfastest blogging contest where the winner will get chance to meet God of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar”. This is my proudest moment as I won and got golden opportunity to meet him. 14370196_10154552217139184_6739208782817361041_n

Read full blog post of the event and my winning post here.

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My Winning post for #AvivaEarlyStarters sharing best moment with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar a big feather on my cap of blogging!!


Every thing comes with responsibility and so our parenthood.

We decided to be a parent and wished everyday to God that give us a baby girl and yes God is great and he blessed us with a baby girl we named her IRA and from day 1 our responsibility as a parent started and we realised that investments and security is foremost important thing we should do for her.


Today Ira is 7 years old and she is girl with her dreams to do big and as a parent we always ensure to give her best in life …

Like if we have to learn how to write A we have to start learning from the age of  3 so that when time comes we can read n write so in same ways if you know your kids inclination towards any profession it’s our basic responsibility to make her or his dream come true …for that we should plan in good future plans ….

Aviva India has taken us initiative and provided 23 children to live their dream and this was taken up in NewDelhi, Kolkata,Pune,Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and chennai. These lucky kids will be having an opportunity to interact and play with God of cricket and brand Ambassador of Aviva as this campaign was his dream as he started his big dream because he started early ….

In NSCI ground,Worli , Mumbai from morning it’s all set and everyone is so excited for the event





Kids were so excited n happy to meet Sachin..


Mr. Salil Archarya started event with welcoming CEO &MD of Aviva Mr. Trevor Bull


and hall was full of one voice “Sachinnnn Sachinnnn…” And then entered master blaster


Ms Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer,Market & Digital Officer told about the #AvivaEarlyStarters


and showed the stats which Aviva made from around 36,000 entries from seven cities where kids are dreaming so big and most of kids are dreaming to become Doctor and cricketer Followed by Engineering

Mumbai kids showed most of their interest in treating patients by their dream of becoming doctor whereas from Pune &Delhi  are going to get budding artists, Bangalore is going to give us more RJ and Journalists in near future…

23 kids got the opportunity to live their dream


Little girls got chance to live a day with chef Kunal


Little upcoming surgeon & doctor got an opportunity to spend a day and learn the quality of good doctor with Dr. Naresh Trehan


And now here comes the most responsible citizen of our country Journalists and they spend a day with senior journalist Poonam Singh


Upcoming engineers met their mentor Mr.Puneet CEO of JCB


Aspiring RJ spend a day with our fav RJ Naved


And our future artist met their mentor Alka Raghuvanshi and learned how to  colour world with colours



Fashion designer Shantanu &Nikhil was amazed with the designs the budding fashion designer made which is more than 400


Budding Cricketers got their dream come true get training from none other than God of cricketer master blaster Sachin Tendulkar


Mr. Trevor and Sachin shared their experience and suggestions from their life and it was really educating for young parents like me for sure …where Mr Trevor said his father is most enthusiastic person and he was scared of him but he is his mentor in life who made him to be successfully smart.

Sachin said his mentor before Mr.Ramakant is always his brother who always supported him he believes that mentor n you can have different opinions but that opinion is going for the good.

Sachin said as a parent of 2 wonderful kids he believes  that role of a parent is more important to give them Freedom to choose their dream and don’t push them to live your dreams. Give them freedom with the knowledge that freedom should not b misused and parents role goes hand in hand by motivating them in right direction telling them not to think about result else they will loose focus.

Two beautiful questions kids asked Sachin was

Q. Do famous people live ordinary life?

Answer by Sachin: Yes , I make tea and Iron clothes too and live normal ordinary life.

Q. Was you a naughty child and naughtiness you did?

Answer by Sachin: I was naughty child and tell every child to be naughty but your naughtiness don’t trouble anyone .

As a mother of two kids what I learned that it’s good to ensure and motivate kids in right direction but equally important to make yourself financial ready for their dreams with AVIVA.

I want my daughter dream of becoming doctor comes true and will invest for her in Aviva to give her kick start of her dream without any stones

Little poem with my wishes for her in future written by me …

“Panchiyoon se uchi Teri udaan ho,
Jis path par Bhi chalna,
Yaad rakhna khud ki ek pehchaan ho,
Har mushkil waqt guzaar jayega
Agar dil mein jazbaa aur chehre pe muskaan ho,
Teri taqdeer tujhko hai likhni,
Tere saath hamesha Bhagwan ka aashiwad ho,
Mera gurur ho, meri shaan ho, abhimaan mera,
Beti nahi tum meri jaan ho!!!”