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Good tadka , good masala would make your food and plate much tastier but it’s time for “Goodness ki Shuruaat”

If you aren’t a good cook but are equipped with the best masalas, you are bound to have happy faces at your dining table

For my readers bringing review of amazing delicious masalas by TATA SAMPANN


Get ready to journey of tasty world !!!

  1. Tata Sampann Naturally rich turmeric Powderimg_6662 Well this is what really a product which I recommend you as being a mother of a toddler I know how important is dal for my kid and if that is cooked with NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS USED turmeric powder who could not be happy.                   Well, this turmeric powder is really real in colour and aroma of high quality Salem turmeric. It’s quality is guaranteed as Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by some plants. It is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, a member of the ginger family. It is sold as an herbal supplement, cosmetics ingredient, food flavoring and food coloring. Curcumin is natural element which gives haldi it’s deep yellow colour and ayurvedic properties. That’s why every pack of Tata Sampannn Turmeric powder comes with a guarantee of minimum 3% Curcumin. This means better quality,better colour and better taste.     MRP of 200g pack is just : Rs 67/- 
  2. Tata Sampann Naturally rich Chilli Powder : Just like haldi Tata sampann product Red chilli powder also comes with NO img_6661artificial colours. Chilli powder is perfect mix of Teja and Byadgi chillies for rich red colour and perfect spiciness. Quality is sure shot guaranteed as red chillies are made up of Capsaicin which makes them spicy. Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. It is an irritant for mammals, including humans, and produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. Tata Sampann Chilli powder is rich in Capsaicin and comes with a minimum guarantee of 40,000 SHU pungency and 100 ASTA colour guarantee. This means superior quality, every time…. MRP of 100g pack is Rs 36/-
  3. Tata Sampann Naturally rich Dal Tadka Masala :  Want to make everyday a specia
    l dal. If you are purchasing 100g of dal tadka masala you know what is major tension img_6653you are going to get free off .yes, when I used to purchase such packs the major issue is when ever I open it and used for first times it taste bes but for second time aroma is gone but withimg_6655                Tata sampann 5 pouches for one time single use is there, which means every time same aroma , same pourness and same everlasting taste. MRP of 100 grm pack (5 Pouches* 20g) = Rs. 58/-
  4. Tata Sampann Naturally rich Punjabi Chhole Masala :  I love Punjabi chhole but to get same taste was big task but this Tata Sampann Punjabi Chhole masala made my life easy as it gives authentic taste of Punjabi Chole.img_6656 Taste everytime you cook with this masala wuld be same as it also comes with 5 pouches of 20 gms in 100 gms pack.img_6657 I got true taste of punjab … My daughter was like ” Wow mom this is so very tasty …first time I loved so much Chhol bhature”MRP of 100g pack (5Pouches*20g)= Rs 60/-
  5. Tata Sampann Naturally rich Paneer Masala : One masala, three dishes for your loved ones –  img_6658cook Shahi paneer, Mutter paneer or Kadhai Paneer this masala will definitely enhance taste coming in img_66595 pouches every pouch for single use to keep store the same untouched aroma for your next recipe. MRP of 100g (5 Pouches * 20g each)=Rs77/-   


My father in law never used to eat paneer but recipe given on back of the pack saved me and chef’s tip really helped and my father in law took Kadai paneer twice 🙂 happy me 🙂

Oh how can I miss you to tell that, TATA Sampann masalas have been developed by  Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor for you ,so no second though about it’s purity and behind every pack you get exclusive recipe by this great Masterchef !!! 

These are coming directly as they are best of farms , made from the best variety of whole spices. Only tje best quality of spices give the best taste. That’s why, Tata Sampann Masalas are made from select varities of spicies like Salem Turmeric, Malabari Black Pepper, Pahadi Cardamom. Teja Chilli, etc. All these spices are 100% sterlized, which means great taste and complete safety all together. Tata Sampann spices retain the natural spice oils for a blissful sensorial experience. It’s all about #GoodnessKiShuruaat with #MasaledarSach.

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Lucknowi Chicken Dry

Chicken 250 grams
Ginger Garlic paste 2 tablespoon
Pudina (mint leaves ) paste 2 tablespoon
Coriander leaves paste 2 tablespoon
Green chillies paste 1 tablespoon
Vinegar 2 tablespoon
Masala : roast the whole Cumin, Cardamom, cinnamon and cloves in 40:20:20:20 ratio and make powder
Onion 1 onion (chopped)
Refined oil 5 tablespoon
Marinate the chicken with Salt, vinegar, ginger-garlic paste, pudina paste, green coriander paste, green chilli paste and Bhuna masala for an hour
In a karahi heat oil and fry the chopped onions till the onions turn crispy.Take out the onions and keep aside.
In the remaining oil put the marinated chicken sauté for 2-3 mintues.
Then add 1/2 cup of water. Put the lid on and cook the chicken on low flame for 15-20 mintues.
Check if the chicken has become tender. Once done, garnish with fried onions and serve with naan.


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Nariyal Ki Litchi

नारियल की लीची
समय : ४५ से ५० मिनट

सामग्री :
१ कप फ़ुल क्रीम दूध
१ १/२ बड़ा चम्मच नारियल का बुरादा
१ बड़ा चम्मच खोया
२ १/२ बड़ा चम्मच मिल्क मेड
१०० ग्राम खसखस
कुछ बूँद – लीची Essence
कुछ बूँद – cherry red colour

सजावट के लिए : डंडी के लिए
१/२ चम्मच सफ़ेद मक्खन
३ चम्मच icing sugar
१/२ चम्मच cornflour
कुछ बूँद – green colour

१. एक मोटे तले के बर्तन में दूध , नारियल का बुरादा अौर खोया डाल कर पकाए । जब गाढ़ा होने लगे तभी उसमें मिल्क मेड डाल देंगे अौर लगातार चलाते रहेंगे जब तक वह मुलायम डव का अाकार न ले ले । अांच बंद कर दे ।

२. एक बर्तन में पहले से ही खसखस को रोस्ट कर के उसमें कुछ बूँदें लाल रंग की डाल कर उसे क्लर्क कर के रख लेंगे । अब बने हुए डव के ४-५ गोले बना कर उन्हें लीची का शेप देकर रोस्ट किए हुए और रंगे हुए खसखस में रैंप कर दे । लीचियाँ तैयार है ।

सजावट के लिए

एक बर्तन में icing sugar , green colour, cornflour और मक्खन मिलाकर उसे गूँध ले। उसकी छोटी छोटी डंडियाँ बना कर लीची के ऊपर लगा दे।

लीची खाने के लिए तैयार है।



This is my mom’s recipe …:)

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Arbi Ke Pakore

3Arbi ke patte
2cup chana dal
1/2cup moong dal
1/4 Urad dal
1tbsp haldi
1tbsp red chilli
1/2tbsp garam masala
1/4 tbsp amchur powder
Oil for shallow frying
Method :
soak all dals together, and grind to make paste
Put all masala in that paste mix well.
Apply paste on one leave put other on it again apply paste and do same with last leave
Once done make a roll of it and steam it
Once it gets properly steamed and cooked put it to get cool.
As soon it gets cool cut into rounds and shallow fry.
Serve hot with chutney n chai!!


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Veg Fried Rice

Well everyone’s fav veg fried rice adds flavor in any course of meal.

Here comes step by step recipe specially for my veg’s reader!!image

  1. Cook long grain rice and set it cold , make sure it should not be sticky.

image   2. Finely chopped carrot, capcicum, beans , cabbage spring onions and garlic.


  1. In pan put little oil & put finely chopped garlic and stir for 1 min till it turn golden brown.



  1. After garlic turned golden brown add chopped carrot, capsicum & beans and strir for 2 min as it will take sometime to get crunchy.


5. Once carrot & veggies get tender add finely chopped cabbage & spring onion just for 1 min stir along with 1 tbsp soya sause & 1 tbsp vinegar.


6. After that add long grain cooked cold rice and mix with salt according to taste just for minute or two.


7. Serve hot with spring onion garnish.

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