My Daddy Strongest – Parenting

For every child her/his father is BEST ,his pride strongest person and above all his idol and anchor of life but if you see from point of view a father it’s like they best feeling for a father to see growing his son and he relive his childhood with him and pampers and protects his daughter from world like a safety shield ….
We always heard about mothers …that mother did lot for kids …my mom sacrifices this and that but today I am through my this post on my blog would love to draw attention towards never demanding never expecting in return to fathers …who also plays similar role in upbringing us… Everybody says my dad is my role model yes mine too but this relationship of a child and a father is very very beautiful more than we see to it . You know what all needed to make this relationship more beautiful and loveable

A father is a role model for a child

Have you ever think why your child thinks you as a role model ??

Because you are the first person in your child’s life whome he follows blindly. Your attitude, values beliefs everything you do they follow you and wish to be like you so show them real values in life .. Talk to them they follow you blindly so try to bring out what they are good at and make them strong to ready role model for others.

Your work can wait …but your kids childhood will not …spent quality time with them watch them growing , be a part of their first day of school ..first sports meet , first awards , I know in today’s bust schedule it’s tough but surely not impossible…
Spend good time on weekends … Believe me A mother is very important but a fathers presence gives emotional stability in life
So both are equally important but for every child is really possessive about his mother. Treat mom with respect and love as I said you are a role model for your kid so he will also respect women in life …


My father always said BE STRONG AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!! As he has given me best childhood and my mom a respectful life I am sure readers of my blog my this post will give and must be giving best to their kids !!!

Remember family who eat together is happy family …. Make your family a happy family ☺️☺️


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7 thoughts on “My Daddy Strongest – Parenting

  1. wooow , ruchi its wonderful to read your blog article and I truely agree fathers has equal important role as mother. my daughter is more of PAPA GIRL and she get upset , if she does not see him. sometime i worried , if any mishap happen I am not able to handle my daughter emotion. God do not listen to my words just protect my family that all i want .
    nothing is greater than to see family happy

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  2. very true father shared the equal responsibilities like mother my 3 year old daughter is so much attached with her father. For my doll her father is her superhero

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