Fashion 2018 : Colors to do the talking 


Well this is my first fashion blog that officially goes out from food2go4 , it’s altogether a different story that I have done many on fashion, though i am still perplexed about publishing them…..some are in the draft folder and many are still cooking in the kitchen corner of my brain….in a nutshell i am still to hit that big publish button #LazyME
So why a foodie gets into fashion. To be frank that’s irrelevant in a multitasking ever evolving blogging vertical. So let me thank Ruchie fromwigglingpenwho with her Fashion-a-thon #NYtrain who helped me in stepping into this new zone by making me a part of this challenge. And thanks to Nisha fromhighonglosswho nominated me to post a blog next on the New Year fashion train and this is hopping blog stations till 31st Dec.WhatsApp Image 2017-12-21 at 10.05.00 AM

Before we move on let me run you through all…

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Best buy under 1000/-

Summers arriving and so it’s called a family time. Some time to get indulge in your style with your family and what could be better than your own store for shopping within your pocket

As FBB says “making India beautiful” but this post will show you how I made my family beautiful with amazing kinds of stuff under 1000/- Rs each for all my family members. After all, Summers are for FAMILY.

Long kurti and Palazzo: Kurti starting range 699/- to 1399/-

Kurti starting range 699/- to 1399/-

Palazzo from 499 up to 1499/-

This orange kurti just stole my heart and the material of palazzo was so comfortable and full look give classy look for any get together this summer.

Kurti – 999/- Rs

Palazzo – 799/- Rs

After some super styling myself, I rushed towards kids section and found the amazing collection for both boys and girls and grabbed few for this summer vacation.

For boys starting range for some cool shirts are 599/- rs even boys polo tees 1 for Rs.299/- and 2 @ rs 499/-.

In girls section amazing jumpsuits, frocks, palazzos, graphic tees all that your princess would love. Girls graphic tees 1 @ Rs 199/- and 2 @ Rs 349/-. I just grabbed one tee and one palazzo for my princess.

Gents section have too
many varieties starting from Rs 600/- denim jeans to whatever range you looking for. 

Lee cooper t-shirts 1 @ Rs 490/-

2 @ Rs 699/-

As FBB promised they are giving and making INDIA beautiful.

So I’m all set for this summer with amazing collection from FBB, are you ready ?? If not, rush to the nearest store and grab deals before summer hit!!







12 lessons learnt in 12 months

Indian Bloggers


  1. Smile 🙂 : You willflat550x550075f-u1 see reflection of yourself the way you treat the world . Life is too short to complain and blame. You can win hearts by just a smile and your biggest problem can be solved with just a smile. So, smile and world will smile with you.
  2. Respect : Muchrespect important for every living creature. It’s like give and take ..this is simple funda …If you want to get respect learn to give respect.
  3. Don’t be Selfish :selfish Just learn to share as it’s said “Apne liye toh sab jeete hai …doosro ke liye jiyo toh jano ” yes share your happiness and share others sorrows life will be perfectly balanced.
  4. Family time : 12727918-family-time-concept-clock-closeup-isolated-on-white-background-with-red-and-black-words-stock-photoEvery thing can wait but time waits for none …and family need your time from virtual world take out enough time from your virtual world and enjoy every second of it as this would be best quality time you cherish lifelong.motivational phrase, don't give up, handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard
  5. Don’t give up: Every problem comes with a solution and at time of problem in life stand tough and look out for solution rather just crying on it.
  6. God loves you: 478b22d162b601077f862fa68a7aaa6c286e0d43I think God loves me more as he knows I can handle tough situation , he knows I can be strong in tough times and so he keep taking my exams and helping me with cheat sheets for that problems. I love my God and so he loves me.
  7. Friends are blessings: friends-storreBe happy that you have atleast a friend in life to share your ups and downs . Friends are always there to support you they are your brother and sister from other mother. trust them and treasure your friendship.
  8. Accept unexpected : You can always get some unexpected things in life ready for it as it may give you surprise sometimes good sometimes bad ..
  9. Kids are blessings: imagesSpend time with kids in park, play with them and relive your childhood!!
  10. downloadSave water: When in our society there was shortage of water and we started counting on how much we spend water, I promised and learnt that we have to save water for our better tomorrow.
  11. jpg_rotaryphone2Call once to your parents in every 2 days, they may never tell you how much they miss you but yes !! take out sometime and give them a call and speak to them to give them good feel and love.8795825258_147340146e
  12. Take out time for most important person in life that is yourself. Be with yourself to understand what life is giving you and how you can handle it. Love yourself , spend time for yourself!!!

Writing this post for Indispire  for prompt “12 lessons you have learnt this year. Write about the significant or even not so significant things that happened to you this year which changed you and helped you grow and made you a better person in some way or the other. #LessonsLearnt ” 

Mistake maker!!


Are you one who keep on doing mistakes?? What I belive is Mistakes are obviously are stepping stones towards learning, like we tell kids we all at a point commit mistake.

5 important things I learned from my mistakes:

  1. My mistakes made me strong : Yes, my mistakes has given me steps towards my personality as each mistake made me strong as taught me not to commit me.
  2. My mistakes made me focused: It made me focused as I always tried my next step should not repeat same mistake.
  3. I learned to be more truthful and I learned to accept my mistakes.
  4. My mistakes are only mine I can’t blame anyone for my mistakes.
  5. Mistakes make me realize that mistake could be committed by anyone at any age.

Have you ever committed mistakes?? Check out prompts for this #WedShadow

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  2. . What make was your first bike or car? share your experience of owning it. Do you still have it?

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As we have only two bloggers who submitted their entry so for us both are winners.

Congrats !!  Nadaan Parinda , Menaka Bharathi and Mayuri Nidigallu for marking impression on #WedShadow by your wonderful blog post.🙂 Special mentioning Aalma for beautiful post looking forward for your active participation!!



My Passion for writing goes well with my blog but it got boost and take my blog to next level when I joined Blogchatter  a real platform for blogger to connect and grow.together.

Thanks team, Blogchatter for connecting me to all wonderful bloggers and making my journey more exciting.

Now when blogchatter announced about BlogBuddy 3.0 I got myself registered only thing I was knowing that this is going to be a TEAM blogging activity to grow together and when I got mail with name of my team mates…in which I was in touch with some but as soon as we 8 started interacting each other I found one major similarity among us and that is “PASSION FOR BLOGGING & SHARING KNOWLEDGE” .

After discussing 2 days with number of team name suggested we all got agreed on one name which we all loved and #TheMagicalPot born ….I personally call it ” AATH KE THAAT” …..


I am so happy that I’m a member of a team where we all listen to each other and respect each other’s verdict , vote and we have liberty to say our views….

Let me introduce my team members:

  1. Shalini (@Kohleyedme) : img_7198Girl who don’t like pink colours, she will take you to the journey with her blog with good book reviews, poem, fiction and what not she is a great writer whome I do admire. 🙂 keep that smile always…. Follow her blog so that you don’t miss anything.
  2. Massom( @MasoomJethwa):img_7193 He love talk to machines via codes(scripts) in programming languages, but he will take writing skills which will surely take away your heart ❤ by his awesome poems…Don’t dare to miss following him here .
  3. Sam (@samjoths) :img_7197     Mechanical Engineer by paper degree but blogger by heart who is very well known and great poet among all bloggers. From poetry to micropoetry he is jack of all traids don’t you wanna follow him, his blog is click away .
  4. Ashwini (@AshwiniDodani) : img_7194
    He is a MBA guy with superb reviews on gadgets, products and above that this social media branding person is a great poet. Don’t think missing his blog just hit and follow him
  5. Rohan (@rohank01)                 :img_7195A banker who knows how to in cash his emotions and present reviews on all and everything. Not only a poet but also a reviewer whose smile will take you to his blog and you can’t stop following him here
  6. Omkar 😦 @omkarjc ):img_7196             Person with multi talent needs no intro just go and follow his blog if you are really in
  7. Humaira: (@humairasadaf_ ): img_7192Not a single team is complete without a keen observer who can guide you by her knowledge and take us towards right direction. Follow her and get inspired.
  8. Ruchie (@ruchis28) : img_7200Last but not the least …me…. I am so honored, happy and blessed to be a part of this Blogbuddy 3.0 and being a member with #TheMagicalPot. Follow me……. 🙂 forfoodiefamily.

I am a Blogbuddy 3.0  with Blogchatter. Looking forward for much more fun, reads, friends and above all more knowledge …..

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