Growing up your Princess!!

When I conceived we all wanted that our home should be blessed with a beautiful daughter and God listened us and given us a beautiful angel “IRA” our face of love


But as said everything comes with a responsibility so motherhood too !!!

My this blog post is for every mother who is growing up there princess just keep these little points in mind when you are upbringing your darling daughter to make her a strong & self dependent woman for tomorrow….

Sharing what I learned from my strong mother and passing this to my daughter!!!

  1. Make her proud being a girl:   Yes, make her feel that girls are no less than boys.. Today a girl can do each n every work which a boy can or may be better than him. Tell her to be proud being a girl !!!


2. Compliment your daughter on other things : Don’t only compliment on her beauty or appearance but also on other things like her behavior, kindness & caring


3. Set boundaries in your life : She is going to grow up seeing how people treat you
So that she can watch you and learn to do the same. We are their greatest teachers and they learn from what we do more than what we say. So if you are strong and demand being treated well there is a better chance she will grow up and do the same.


4. Let them choose their passion : It’s perfectly ok if your little delicate girl choosing her interest her passion in swimming, basketball, cricket , karate let her grow in that don’t put burden of your dreams on them.


5. Teach them the value of saving money
So that hopefully someday they won’t have to depend on anyone to take care of them financially.


6. Telling them about periods Its really uncomfortable and awkward, but it’s important
And I want her to be prepared for when it happens. It’s my job to tell her what’s going to change with her body. She needs to be comfortable talking to someone about it and it should be me.


7. Protect them but also teach them to stick up for themselves: It’s always hood to be a protective mom but you need to make her strong to stand up for herself!!! She should be aware that what is wrong n stand for that.


8. Teach them to be smart when it comes to being around men and boys :  Tell them about good & bad touch ensure that they understand n follow their instincts when it comes to men or boys … Guide & let them know safety taken at time of danger.

9. Spend atleast an hour listening to them : This should be an important part of your daily routine as then u will be aware what going on in her mind and you can clear her myths & doubts.


10. Last but not least : Enjoy your best time you are getting with her she is one who will cherish all these moments lifelong.


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My Superhero My dad


Well it’s absolutely true my dad my hero !!!

I want to tribute my this write up for my superhero my dad!!!


Umesh Chandra Srivastava may b just a name or some relation for others who knew him as son, brother, chacha, mama, mausa, jijaji or a friend but for us he is still our lifeline to survive every day with his teaching!!

He was always a good son , husband, brother ,friend but he was a greatest dad. He has given us best upbringing…

He got 4 daughters and never regret for that … I still remember when some relative came and said “Beti ho par Beta ban kar khayal rakhna ” papa you was there to correct him and said ” yeh beta nahi meri Beti hai aur Mujhe garv hai ki meri Beti hai … Yeh 1 Beti meri 10 Beto se lakh guna behtar hai … You said “Ruchi I am proud that you are my daughter n you proud yourself being a girl ” thanks papa for never making us realize that we don’t have any identity. Thanks and sorry words are beyond what we feel it’s much more than that .. ❤️ you made me to feel proud of being a daughter n a girl child.


Only daughters and giving everyone best education and never regretted that he got daughters!!


He invested his all hard earnings in our education and believed in us …

He was a mentor , he was one guiding source for me he was solution for every problem!! image

But God decided something else for us and in 2004 he got brain hamrage and paralysis attack and for 7 long years went on bed .., but he never left us alone in any situation even in bad n tough times when sometimes relatives and all left us alone he stood like big pillar of strength and made us believe that nothing is going to be wrong as long as we are correct…he was strongest person who survived on first attack for 12 hours without proper medical treatment with his will power.


He always said ” If you believe you can .. Only then you can ”

From emotionally, mentally, financially he never left us alone …he was always there standing right with us.

But as says “अच्छाई की ज़रूरत सब को होती है ”  and may be God too need and must be he needed more so in 2010 he called him and made him a star to shine up there and give us endless light


Papa we love u, Papa we miss u,

You must be listening to us,

and we promise…

we will follow & carry your dreams, your teaching & your values

Papa but still I need you today, tomorrow everyday!!


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Connect to kids

life is very beautiful and it becomes best when little kids enter in your life…


Kids as we call them face of God understands parents every word and believe in that…

Your kid is important to you but more important is how you treat him/her daily …

5 simple things which you should daily once tell to your kid to feel him/her more connected to you




Love is one language understand by every creature of God so atleast in a day tell your kid how much you love him and love being with him …how much they add value to your life…




You are your kids first friend… Just be a friend and tell them that u trust them believe in them .. Yes, they will learn to tell you all their problems n tensions without a feeling of fear!! They will know yes.. You trust them!!




Involve them in your happiness share your worries and listen to them tell them every celebration is happy if special person like you are part of it.. Make them to feel that special feeling!!




Tell your kid that yes they made you proud on their simple help or anything…don’t hesitate to say thank you appreciate them for their little help to them ..tell them that they made u happy.




Every kid needs some moral support, trust and backup …tell your kid to keep trying ..learn from failures and be grounded on winning!!



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I just finished my school and went Dehradoon for my graduation, while staying in hostel one girl decided to celebrate her birthday with orphanage kids.. Seen in movies like Mr.India and all , I was wondered that these kids how they manage to live without mummy & papa as I’m still very attached to them.

I told Shivani( birthday gal) that I will join you and want to meet those kids. We both went for shopping buying pencils , eraser, colours, colouring book, notebooks, chips, balloons, cake along with so many items to eat & took an auto to reach that orphanage ( I don’t remember the name, but still all images are ao fresh).

As soon as we enter with so much stuff in hands 3-4 kids playing in ground came running & asked “kisko milegi”. When we told to take us to office they guided us, within few seconds we were in front of sister who is managing that wonderful home for these special & beautiful kids. When we told her our reason of visit, she was little hesitated for this celebration as she was scared as without prior information noone is allowed. We requested & finally she agreed.

She called kids there were around 30 kids of age group between 1-15 years. When we asked ” These are only kids?”

She said “No”.

Then where are others. She took us in a big hall and we saw around 30-35 baby prams and new born babies, some sleeping, some crying loudly and this shook me from inside. How can someone leave so little tiny babies as 2 were just a one or two days old. How mothers live life without them? So many questions and so much anger were just building up.

We returned to hall where other kids were waiting for us to celebrate. We had cake cutting, some dance and all, finally we sat with kids for colouring and talking.

One question a girl asked me which still I can hear in her voice.

“Didi mummy papa kya hote? Accha kya hote nahi .. Kaise dikhte hai?”

That time also I had no answer to tell her , still I can’t answer that kaise dikhte hai??

That day changed my life.. I really feel pity on parents who abandoned their  kids but on other hand I feel good as they are so heartless parents who really don’t deserve these angel of  God!!

But  these kids also need home, also need parents, care , love … And parents who don’t have kids and want to adopt such kids also need them.

My posts under #MyFriendAlexa will share #GivingLife process & questions related to ADOPTION!!

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Unsaid FEAR !!


Everyone was happy at home with just a one telephone call I’m going to come this Saturday for a week to stayperson on other side told to Mishti mom!!

Mishti just like her name sweet 5 year old everybody’s lifeline at home little girl , who always keep a big smile on her face, cheerful, playful, naughty and above all a chatter box of whole family. Her mother works in a playschool as centre head and her dad is a big businessman. This call was from her dad’s friend Karan who stays abroad and in a month or two keep visiting to family with lots and lots of gifts for Mishti.

Karan’s jolly , friendly & easy going nature make him popular always in his friends and family, and Mishti’s dad & Karan uncle were school friends.

Mom entered in Mishti room and told her ” Mishti , Karan uncle is coming on Saturday for a week, it’s going to be a fun full week …right!!”

Mishti was blank and ran towards stairs and sit quietly for hours without uttering a word.


She wanted to run to Mumma and talk but scared and her fear of loosing her mom was bigger to her than speaking her fear out.

Days passed & that unwanted Saturday came along with Karan uncle ….. Everyone welcomed him and Mishti was hiding behind her mom ..

Karan uncle said ” She is still shy girl , see what all toys I got for you

Mishti ran away in her room. Everyone was quite surprised with her behaviour, her mom was little worried as she never saw this behaviour of Mishti before any guest.


Next 2 days they just enjoyed going different places with Karan Uncle but every time they go outing Mishti just don’t let her mom go out for second leaving her alone. She used to be quite, in herself kind of child.

Mom got worried & spoke to dad that she is worried about Mishti as she never behaves like this.. She said I feel like something is wrong & I should talk to her to know her “Unsaid fear

 Mom thought to take out Misthi alone outside and talk. They went to park , Misthi was really happy with mom, she enjoyed a lot with her friends. Mom was happy to see her like this back to old Mishti.

While returning home mom started talking Mishti about her changed behavior and her unsaid fear & it shattered her from inside to know what her daughter gone through in such age .


Mom : ” What is making my Misthi sad & upset ?

Mishti: ” Nothing mom , can we go to grandma place for 3-4 days now”

Mom: But we have guest Karan uncle at home this week , you don’t want to enjoy with him and go out”

Mishti : NO

Mom : I think Mishti we both are best friends and you can share with me.

Mishti : No, mom if I tell you he will kill you & I Love you so much.

Mom( shocked) : What are you saying ? Who will kill me ? Who said these things to you ?

Mishti : started crying…. Lost of words!!!

Mom: Ok Mishti ! Don’t worry , believe me I will keep it secret & no one can harm me .. Let’s go to your fav ice cream parlour. You can have your fav strawberry ice cream & we can talk.

On the way to icecream parlour unwanted thoughts which mom never wanted to think about started coming. This was her longest drive from park to ice cream parlour.

 Reaching parlour she ordered Mishti’s fav ice cream started playing with her to make her comfortable.


Then she asked her Mishti now tell me baby who told you so bad words? 

Mishti : Karan Uncle said.

Mom(Surprised & Shocked) What & Why? Tell me everything baby?

Mishti: Last time when he came he came in my room & started playing with my doctor set and said he is doctor & he will check me, but after sometime when I said I’m not liking it the way you are checking , he said it’s new game and you will enjoy. Mumma he has given me pain I cried , he said if you told mummy I will kill her.

Mishti’s mom was shattered but not dumb to understand unsaid fear her daughter holded so many days within herself . She wasted no time to call Mishti dad & ask him to meet nearby police station. She hugged Mishti & given her confidence that this is never going to happen ever again with her.


She rushed to police station & within no time after her & Mishti father’s complain police arrested Karan & put him behind bars..

Mishti is not only girl who has gone through this but like her many are daughters who are living with this unsaid fear….we as a parent have to keep a watch on different & surprise behavior of your kid like Mishti mom did & give them confidence & love so they can speak up & tell u the truth.

There are number of cases unheard, but if you notice any suspicious activity in your or any known child DON’T ignore!!



In 1996, CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) launched CHILDLINE, the country’s first toll-free tele-helpline for street children in distress. As of March 2015, total of 36 Million calls since inception have been serviced by CHILDLINE service and operates in 366 cities/districts in 34 States/UTs through its network of over 700 partner organisations across India.

Check more details:


Kids need love, support, care, trust to nourish & grow. Don’t let any girl to go as Mishti goes.


Thanks for being here & reading please do post your valuable comments & feedback!! Let’s promise to give every child a childhood they deserve