💝Dear Zindagi💞


Dear Zindagi,
BEING HUMAN” is not restricting ourselves to think about Salman Khan’s brand, it’s much more beyond that and for that I want to thank God and Thank you Dear Zindagi.

12118785_10153714247569184_879631670843664584_nGiving me a life worth of living and giving me zindagi with values want to Thank my parents 10172745_10152411423324184_5024105186921430826_nfor filling my zindagi with morals and values being a human being, I can never ever forget my teachers for shaping my Zindagi with knowledge and teaching me to carry that knowledge in right way to live life.527781_10150915898094184_66710615_n
I learned sharing and caring with my 3 beautiful sisters who always stood by me like a pillar of my life in tough time when I used to be sad for small or big things. 10338720_10204125081475830_7560670356319362833_nMy friends who filled my zindagi with their humor and unconditional love. Zindagi you have given me best childhood with so many wonderful memories to cherish all life.
you have given some tough time too with dad’s paralysis attack but with that you blessed me and my family with more willpower to fight with that.

You turned me strongest person with positive attitude gal.
399134_10150784017574184_443238623_nWhen I planned to stepped into new life you planned best with bringing a life partner who understood me without speaking a word, who respected my parents as his and broken a myth of people that a son in law can never be a son. A girl always dream of a home with love and laughter and you have given me that with my soulmate a happy family where my inlaws treated me as a daughter and they have given me important part of all decisions & my love my life partner who always encourages me to follow my dreams. Zindagi you made my life worth with Mayank and wimage2hen you showed us our face of love “Ira”
our daughter you completed me as a woman.
You never forgot to test my patience and believe in God. You came up with very scary night with my14632962_10154702587864184_3605622400752308417_n son’s extremely premature delivery but you forgot that you only made me strong to fight with odds and when I am strong so how you expected my little fighter son “Viraj” will be scared of your tests.


“ज़िंदगी तुझसे कोई गिला नहीं
जो दिया तूने दिया ,
जो मिला तुझसे मिला ,
हँसके जीती हूँ ,
हँसके जीती रहूँगी,
क्यूँकि मैं हूँ तेरी और
तू है मेरी ज़िंदगी “


Thanks for filling me with love, happiness, care , humanity and being MY ZINDAGI. looking forward for more adventure, love, fun , tests and above all more excitement…learning every day new  things in life and wanna learn more my zindagi !! Thanks for filling me with Zindagi with your love ❤ and smile ….you are me n I’m yours!!


Love you

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