Table No: 5


It’s her first day in this restaurant and she was little nervous and sad, not so enthu about her new job, it was her son’s responsibility which bought her here for this job.

“Maria”, Manager called her


“Take order from table no: 5”

“Table 5 ” she asked again

“Yes, any problem ”

“No”, She walked towards table 5 thinking why me got to take this order.

As she reached there saw a beautiful couple sitting there and enjoying the view of lake side, she smiled and asked “Order sir ”

“Sandwich and 2 Cold drinks ”

Smiled and returned back thinking “God please don’t repeat the history given order to restaurant chef and felt little relaxed as she passed her fear of going to table 5.

Table 5 where she first met John her life partner, ordered same sandwich and 2 cold drinks and they moved happy in life but destiny decided something odd for her, when she lost John in an accident she has to take this job and live for her son.

Her journey of love life started with Table No.5 and now Journey of responsibility started with Table no.5.

Tina Basu

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