Bhai Dooj

DAY 1 # NaBloPoMo


Month of November started with an auspicious day Bhai Dooj …

Story Behind Bhai Dooj

Long time back, Surya, the sun God, was married to a beautiful princess called Samjna (also prounced as Sangya). In course of a year, she presented Him with twins. The twins were christened Yama, and Varni or Yamuna, and they grew up together.
However, Samjna, after some time, were unable to bear the brilliance of her husband, decided to go back to earth. However, she left her shadow, Chaya, her exact replica, behind, so that to Surya, it would appear that she is still there.However, Chhaya turned out to be a cruel stepmother and was very unkind to the twins. She soon gave birth to her own children, and convinced Surya to drive out Samjna’s twins from the heaven. Varni fell to earth and became the river Yamuna, and Yama went to the underworld (hell) and became the King of Death.

Years passed. Varni married a handsome prince and was haapy in her life but she missed her brother wanted to see him. Yama, too, missed his sister and decided one day to visit her.

After hearing the news of her brother’s visit, Varni prepared a great feast in his honor. It was two days after Deepavali, so her home was already decorated. Yama, too, was delighted by his sister’s loving welcome, and brother and sister spent a pleasant evening in each other’s company, after their long period of separation.

When it was time for Yama to return to his kingdom in hell, he turned to his sister and said, “Dear Varni, you have welcomed me so lovingly. But I did not bring you a gift. Ask, therefore, for something and it will be yours.” So inreturn Varni asked from him that all brothers should remember their sisters on this day and visit them if they can, and that, on this day, all sisters should pray for the happiness of their brothers. This is how the custom of Bhai-duj, or bhai-phonta, came into practice.

Today kids get ready early morning, sisters pray to God for their brothers long life.


Tikka for Bhaiya 


Sweet time for Bhai


Gift for sister 


Bhai -Behan Ka pyaar – Bhai Dooj ka tyohaar 

This Post is written for Day#1 of NaBloPoMo   (National Blog Posting Month) which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. Publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new.