Luxury Stay !!


In running life of today when my husband got job offer in another city to join, he joined Mumbai dream city and due to some reasons I had to stay back in Pune for little sometimes and as he was putting up in office guest house it was not feasible for me to come and join him any weekend and then there was Christmas round the corner so I decided to give him a surprise with a wonderful stay in The Taj Mahal Palace for 2 days so that we can enjoy our togetherness on this occasion.

I booked one TOWER SUPERIOR ROOM with the beautiful view from its balcony.


The full hotel was decorated beautifully and made me feel like it was only done for us to welcome.


Right from an entrance to our room, we felt like all is mine and now the time we spend without each other will get a new turn. Mayank (my husband) was quite surprised and happy to see me arranging all so well forimg_3369-jpg-transform-twocolumncomponentdesktop-image him.


As we loved enjoyed our luxury time together I can’t forget to mention Taj Salon where we felt like a royal with their Taj Salon Signature Treatments like  Gorgeous Gold, Dazzling Diamond facials, or Crystal Face Massage is given us ultimate experience indining_masalakraft4-16x7-jpg-transform-herohomedesktop-image luxury.


Well, there are many options to dine in your own choice but our fav restaurant was MASALA KRAFT as they serve all dishes cooked in a traditional way with amazing authentic spices and well to tell you the secret readers being from Lucknow, I loved their best preparation of Lucknowi chicken biryani (must try). They are basically serving Contemporary Indian cuisine and an average cost for two people is 4000 rs/-.

Other than this Golden Dragon will also a next best option if you are looking for Chinese cuisine with average cost for two people is 5000 rs/- plus taxes

Yes, they provide morning yoga by the pool we missed that as we got to know it late but sure on our to-do list for next visit.

I was simply stunned by to architecture of the hotel.

View from every angle is beautiful and amazing staff which not only guided us as our first visit but also given us full royal treatment.


If you want to explore MUMBAI this is the best place to stay to be in heart of Mumbai.

I can’t resist and can’t stop myself sharing some of our cherished moment pics here.

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This stay I cherish lifelong and want this to last forever. Thanks to The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai for a lovely stay where you treated us in a royal way.

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Why Parents are more tensed at exam time ?


“I don’t know what to do? last exams Isha’s friend scored more than her and Isha was little sad” Megha asked Raghav in tensed mood. 

“Why are you comparing your daughter capability ?” Raghav always hated comparison

“You will not understand…” She again went towards study room and started teaching Isha.  

This is common problem or common conversation during exam times.

Have you ever wondered why we as parents are more tensed and creates such situations?


  1. A comparison is the biggest mistake we do and lead to tensed.
  2. Social pressure, social updates 100/100 attendance or 100/100 marks.

The responsibility of Parents: 

  1. Remember every child is unique with his/her talent, academics are very important but don’t think that your child can be a jack of all traits, maybe your kid is gifted with some other talent than solving maths questions.
  2. Don’t pressurize your child to score more than what you want.
  3. Help them to study in the happiest environment.
  4.  Guide them to study and help them to solve their questions and doubts.
  5. Let them take a break and indulge themselves in their most loved activity may be music, dancing or playing outside which will work like a stress buster for them.
  6. Give them positive encouragement. Parents guidance and parents encouragement works as a medicine.

Give your child wings of your support, encouragements, and love rather putting him on your social pressure. Let your child be what he/she wants not what your facebook status needs.



Lesson Learnt

Indian Bloggers

I feel very lucky who got parents, who have given me values and motivation to keep going.  There were so many time and so many incidents happened in life where I felt dishearten but whenever I feel down and low one voice always comes from my heart and mind “DON’t GIVE UP” which my papa taught me. He made me a strong human being always ready to stood with head up with dignity and never giving up attitude.

The lesson I learned in my life and living on that given by my dad, he once said: “It’s up to you what you want either give up and lose your self-respect in your own eyes or don’t give up and lead an example and earn dignity and pride for yourself”. 

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FBB- Sabse Saste 6 din

I feel proud that I’m born in a country with diversity and full of colors and where fashion is in the blood of every Indian. Wishing my readers a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY. 

This republic day I planned to visit apna Indian store which is promising “Making INDIA beautiful” “FBB – Fashion in Big Bazaar “. After wonderful “Super 60 sale” I was very eager to check out this “Sabse saste 6 din (21st Jan to 26th Jan 2017). I selected 26th Jan to visit as Best Indian fashion store need to be visited on proud Indian day and what can be much better than our 26th Republic day 26th Jan.



Well, the first thing which attracted me wonderful accessories. Just loved so many wonderful things and grabbed few for my little princess too.


I can’t resist and grab 10 best deals in the store

1st product Yellow ethnic kurti matched with

2nd product Blue leggings 


Yellow kurti which added grace to look, I tried it with a multicolored scarf too.


3rd product Denim jeans along with

The 4th Orange top 


one easy casual look I loved.


5th Product Long pink skirt with

6th simple white tee and

amazing 7th product Golden vest coat 


Little golden border added a simple glow on simple skirt and made it more beautiful, I loved the vest coat and little pockets in front made me lady Bachchan 😉


8th product of front slit kurti with

9th product of amazing white Plazo 


This is what I was in love with which gives me an indo ethnic look!!


10th product One piece blue dress


After all this amazing products and sale which every Indian woman love “PARTY toh banti hai ” so this dress is perfect for any party !!!

img_8062I loved all these products which made me look more beautiful and FBB is keeping its promise of “making India beautiful“.

I just shot a little video and spoke to some customers to know their views about this sale.

Check out the video here.

Must say that FBB is really “ #fREAKINGbLODDYbRILLIANT ” and I feel proudly associated with them as fbb BLOGSTAR.


Pic courtesy: Surbhi Gupta Agarwal

Video Courtesy: Surbhi Gupta Agarwal

Winner Announcement – Food Blog


Our winner write about herself ” An IT Professional who decided to get married to an Olive green…. why she started blogging? check out in her amazing blog somethingiscooking …


She says her blog’s uniqueness is ” Easy to make recipes that can be made by an amateur.”

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