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Well, today this is going to be my 200th post and I want to thank each and every one of my readers who joined me in this journey of blogging and read my posts.


Journey till here is so wonderful, and memorable which I want to last ever and ever.

Started as a hobby now turned into passion just because my readers love to listen. I promise that I will keep spreading smiles, and happiness ever.

Thanks a lot to GleefulBlogger Dipika for featuring me and making me famous in her blog.


    “Getting an idea and planning about a task in hand is the easiest step, the mountain of challenges comes when you start implementing it….. but I had you to pull me out from all those technicalities….. I was so lucky to have you as my mentor… I know you since ages (okay 13 – 14 yrs), time has changed but you remain the same; bubbly, exuberant, lively, happy go lucky girl I knew back then. You guided me with patience and helped me on every single step from conception to publishing…. I have been bombarding you with tons of questions every single day; you solve all my worries with your signature smile and a tadkta-bhadakta dialogue in the end. Thanks for introducing me to blogging world Ruchi Di… and guiding me throughout this transition. Your simple likes & comments give me the zeal to perform more…. So please keep loving me like this and inspiring with your words….


Thanks a lot, dear !! Thanks to my lovely readers here….

❤ Love all my readers ❤

Georgette Boutique


Georgette Boutique you will find exquisitely hand painted fabrics for kurtas, t-shirts, cushions, sarees, bed sets etc.

The designs are inspired by nature in its many forms, from lush gardens, magnificent birds, and animals, flowing rivers to majestic mountains.

In kid’s collection, they offer unique T-shirts which are personalized with your child’s name. Each alphabet has an animal whose name it starts with.

Apart from this traditional designs like murals, kalamkari, mahdhubani etc on sarees and kurtas are also available in wide range. 
A glimpse of their beautiful work.
2016-04-19_21-30-34 img_20140825_184819 img_20151029_102142 img_20160610_104230 img_20160615_083314 img_20160717_181655 img_20160717_183156 img_20160717_185509 img_20160717_185914 img_20160812_102050 img_20161012_195229 img-20160731-wa0021 img-20160829-wa0002 img-20160908-wa0003 img-d
We got an opportunity to have a chit chat with multi-talented lady behind the venture “APARNA SRIRAM” 
Q. Please tell us something about you?

Aparna: I am Aparna Sriram, currently living in Pune, India. Born in the beautiful land of Kerala, I have traveled across many states through my student life. I have done my post-graduation in IT and worked as a Software auditor. After marriage, I had the opportunity to travel abroad extensively with my husband.kukenhof-garden_112

I am the warm and friendly person and have many hobbies. At times your will find me burrowed deep inside a book. Then there will be times you can see me cooking up a storm to some recipe from the net and singing songs from the good old movies. I love traveling and immersing myself in the local culture byways of food, art, music.

Window shopping is past time I indulge in every time I step out. My life and I are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn

Q: Coming from an IT background what was the turning point which made you a domestic entrepreneur?

Aparna: Having worked in different capacities in various countries, there came a time when I felt the need to slow down after I had my child. The long hours of IT job were no longer as appealing and being at home made me restless. Slowly but surely I let my imagination flow and dabbled in painting with various media like fabric, glass, silk etc.

rome-023My relatives and friends appreciation and demands for similar individualized/personalized pieces like cushion covers, sarees, t-shirts fuelled my passion.

Soon I started receiving orders from abroad …and hence rose the need to organize and showcase my work into a portal which is now Georgette Boutique; the place you come to for one-of-a-kind, personalized fabrics.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

Aparna: I have been very lucky to have traveled across many states in India and many countries abroad. This has really enabled me to soak in the various cultures from across the globe. Having had the opportunity to actually learn silk painting in France, Lipan karigari from Gujarat artisans, calligraphy from Japan has influenced the way I feel and paint.

I am fortunate to have my mother who herself is an established artist as my advisor and my soundboard.We discuss at length about various styles and techniques in painting before making any design final.

Q: Tell more about Georgette Boutique?

Aparna: Georgette boutique is a page now on Facebook and will soon be a web page. It’s a place where I have showcased some of my work done for clients thus far. You can see hand painted Sarees, Kurta material, capris, T-shirts and many home decor articles.

At Georgette boutique, I have a discussion at length with my client to know and understand their design requirements…I then come up with several detailed drawings. Once the client is satisfied only then does the design come alive on fabric. It’s a labor of love; each and every piece is hand painted and unique. Some clients want their pieces to be so exclusive that they specify that I never photograph their final designs. A satisfied customer is an artist’s best friend.belgium090228-011

Q: How people can reach to you for orders? Is this wonderful collection is available online too?

Aparna: My personal contact information is available on the web page, and I am easily reachable. Yes, in the shop section of my page I have pictures of apparels that are ready for purchase.

Q: Any message to readers or to the ladies wish to start their venture?

Aparna: Finding extra time is not always easy with modern daily schedules. Work, travel, family, health, are all things which take precedence over our time.Let your ideas and your quirky inspiration and your dreams be the core of every thought, even while occupied with mundane, non-creative activities.

Find what excites you be it cooking, singing, traveling and try to find avenues to explore and learn more. There is not hiding talent and passion. Start small, go with the flow, give it time and you will be an independent, fully functioning professional.

Social media handles:


Follow her page and get all your what you dream for to decorate your home and dresses.

Timesaverz is Lifesaverz..


12096124_922581217813431_969228839404159003_nTIMESAVERZ is another name of Lifesaver.

This new year doesn’t worry about your house cleaning as it’s easy with wonderful app Timesaverz.

Let me tell my readers more about this wonderful app

  1. Timesaverz is in the business of getting curated home service providers for various services ranging from cleaning tasks, beauty services, laundry pickup and drop, pest control, appliances repairs and handyman jobs.
  2. If you have Apple phone download app from iOs App or if you have Android download App from Android App.
  3. After downloading you need to log in with your mobile number with giving correct OTP, mail id and all, then you are set to enjoy their services.img_7865
  4. They have services like cleaning, painting, pest control, repairs home interiors and handyman.img_7866
  5. And so they have introduced what I want my readers to know this new year is in cleaning service POST PARTY cleaningimg_7872Cleaning services what they are providing is amazing from your home, sofa, carpet, washroom to my biggest tension of car cleaningimg_7862 They have 2 packages in this >>>
    Package 1. :img_7874 You can select what all you need to get cleaned,
    a) Living room and 1 washroom
    b)1 bedroom and 1 washroom
    c) Living room and 2 washrooms
    d) 1 Bedroom and 2 washrooms
    and all this at your suitable time and date.
    Package 2 includes
    img_7875 a)Bedroom, Kitchen and 1 washroom
    b) living room, Kitchen, and 1 washroom
    c) Living room, kitchen, and 2 washrooms or
    d) Bedroom, kitchen and 2 washrooms.
    You just select your feasible time and date from TimeSaverz.
  6. Add services to cart and checkout.  img_7876

Those who still think that getting services is a tough thing please download. It’s a hassle free service provider for all who want something good in services. 12642808_977583338979885_6562610175937354749_n

Serein – The Malabar Hill of Thane

Everyone has a dream, a dream of owning a house where life is just relaxed with peace of mind and happy time with family and fun time with kids in the lap of mother’s nature and what if you get this in Mumbai.

Serein is one such upcoming property in Thane where you can be yourself.


Why you should opt for Pokhran road 2?


What key factors do you really look for while purchasing a house? Connectivity, hospitals, schools, infrastructure and above all environment and trust me all this you get at one place which is popularly going to be Malabar Hill of Thane, Pokhran Road just because it will give you the natural beauty of environment as situated near to Yeoor hills and Upvan Lake. God has himself blessed Thane with Sanjay Gandhi National Park in close proximity, amidst open spaces, abundant greenery, and breath-taking views.upvan-lake

As a parent, we all are most worried about kids studies and this beautiful green place is covering best schools in his surrounding like DAV, Singhania school, and Billabong. Apart from this, all senior citizens can enjoy the fresh breeze for a healthy life and if any health issue or problem comes up best doctors with best medical facility hospitals are just a km away like Bethany and Jupiter hospital.

Who doesn’t want Pride in Address?

Well to add pride to your address just own a house in Pokhran road 2 in


by Tata housing and make life perfect in this beautiful township, with luxurious natural green. This is the perfect address you are looking for, with such a beautiful township which is going to give you feel sitting in the lap of mother nature and living life peacefully.

Amenities which will surely take away your heart and your dream nest is made based on climatology, apartments designed to maximize north western winds to cool the indoor spaces and provide well shaded outdoor areas in the summer not only this but foyer/living & dining/passage, kitchen, bedrooms – premium quality large size vitrified tiles/marble. A home that makes a legacy.

Glimpse of your luxurious address

guest-room kids-bedroom kitchen-area living-area living-area2

Life is going to be perfect with their amazing amenities which will make your life luxurious and relaxing in this Malabar Hill of Thane.

  1. Swimming Pool




  1. Club House


  1. Kids play Area


  1. Organic Farm


  1. Outdoor Dining


  1. Lotus Pond


  1. Pet Park


These are few amenities which will along with many other make your life fresh and beautiful.

A green carpet weaves through and up the entrance steps guiding people into the central plaza space, and a gentle ramp allows easy access for bicycle users. A string symphony of palm trees helps to orchestrate people into the podium level. Get up early with lovely birds chirping and start your wonderful day in your own green township and enjoy in #MalabarHillofThane.

Balancing Passion

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream?

Me: Quite…

Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is a waste. Tell me what you want to be? 

Me: I want to be someone whom girls look up and say “want to be like Ruchie ” 

Dad: But for that, you need to be organized and have goals. 

This is what I got from dad vision being organized and from that day I thought and made a goal to be a balanced person giving best in every field of life. I accepted life with whole heart with love and jumped in the roller coaster life.

After being in an organization for many years I quit for my lovely daughter without any regret as family is always being my priority and I started enjoying my new status of 24/7 job of Domestic engineer where I learned to be more patience and discover new things being with my little daughter but there was something missing inside me and when kalakriti was born where I started giving dance, craft and stage presentation classes to kids and lived my passion of dancing with them and must admit here that #ILoveMyWork.

Life every single day teaches you something new and so mine and then I realized that whatever knowledge I am having a need to spread out and so I can gain more knowledge as learning process should not stop at a stage of life and I am not a perfect one. So, started my blog writing up my heart out as a true Gemini by nature so can’t stick to one and so my blog tells all about me, my heart. I love writing and when in return get an appreciation of my work from my readers and from clients I just can’t imagine that yes maybe I have marked an impression in someone’s life. In fewer words, I can say that I am living my dad’s teaching of “being organized and maintaining my passion together” and my mom’s lesson of “spreading knowledge is gaining knowledge” and I am gaining knowledge and so #ILoveMyWork.

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