Positive Attitude

Starting my week with a positive note which I believe is the most important aspect of life.

A positive person can come out from any situation very easily, having a positive attitude and positive thinking is the best way to win challenges in life.

In our daily life, we come across two kinds of people, one who are taking life with full energy with his/her positive thing and the other one who is taking life with negative thinking or attitude. All of us affect, in one way or another, the people we meet.

Negative thoughts, words, attitude brings negative energy and-and bad mood and lead towards failure, frustration, and a lot of disappointment.

Few things which we can follow in daily life and make our life positive.

  • Learn to add “I can”, “it can be done”, “I will do this”, in your daily conversation. before starting any particular job if you add negative thoughts it will sure give you negative results.
  • Associate yourself with people who think positive.
  • To strengthen your confidence and inner power sit and walk straight it will give you confidence.
  • Watch programs which give you happiness.
  • Eat healthily and talk to the person with whom you feel happy daily.
  • Try to ignore negative thoughts.
  • Be always Thankful to people who have helped you in any way in life.


Happy spreading happiness

Well, today this is going to be my 200th post and I want to thank each and every one of my readers who joined me in this journey of blogging and read my posts.


Journey till here is so wonderful, and memorable which I want to last ever and ever.

Started as a hobby now turned into passion just because my readers love to listen. I promise that I will keep spreading smiles, and happiness ever.

Thanks a lot to GleefulBlogger Dipika for featuring me and making me famous in her blog.


    “Getting an idea and planning about a task in hand is the easiest step, the mountain of challenges comes when you start implementing it….. but I had you to pull me out from all those technicalities….. I was so lucky to have you as my mentor… I know you since ages (okay 13 – 14 yrs), time has changed but you remain the same; bubbly, exuberant, lively, happy go lucky girl I knew back then. You guided me with patience and helped me on every single step from conception to publishing…. I have been bombarding you with tons of questions every single day; you solve all my worries with your signature smile and a tadkta-bhadakta dialogue in the end. Thanks for introducing me to blogging world Ruchi Di… and guiding me throughout this transition. Your simple likes & comments give me the zeal to perform more…. So please keep loving me like this and inspiring with your words….


Thanks a lot, dear !! Thanks to my lovely readers here….

❤ Love all my readers ❤

Balancing Passion

Dad: What you want from life? What is your dream?

Me: Quite…

Dad (in anger ): If you don’t have a goal in life, life is a waste. Tell me what you want to be? 

Me: I want to be someone whom girls look up and say “want to be like Ruchie ” 

Dad: But for that, you need to be organized and have goals. 

This is what I got from dad vision being organized and from that day I thought and made a goal to be a balanced person giving best in every field of life. I accepted life with whole heart with love and jumped in the roller coaster life.

After being in an organization for many years I quit for my lovely daughter without any regret as family is always being my priority and I started enjoying my new status of 24/7 job of Domestic engineer where I learned to be more patience and discover new things being with my little daughter but there was something missing inside me and when kalakriti was born where I started giving dance, craft and stage presentation classes to kids and lived my passion of dancing with them and must admit here that #ILoveMyWork.

Life every single day teaches you something new and so mine and then I realized that whatever knowledge I am having a need to spread out and so I can gain more knowledge as learning process should not stop at a stage of life and I am not a perfect one. So, started my blog writing up my heart out as a true Gemini by nature so can’t stick to one and so my blog tells all about me, my heart. I love writing and when in return get an appreciation of my work from my readers and from clients I just can’t imagine that yes maybe I have marked an impression in someone’s life. In fewer words, I can say that I am living my dad’s teaching of “being organized and maintaining my passion together” and my mom’s lesson of “spreading knowledge is gaining knowledge” and I am gaining knowledge and so #ILoveMyWork.

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Sunday Says


“Talent is a gift but character is a choice “

God has gifted all of us with talents but how we shape that talent is totally dependent on us , shape it with good character to get remembered and set an example or vice versa. Choice is yours!!

Which talent God has gifted you.. comment below and let me know….

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Thankful for my habit


Well I always love prompts and Amrita & Tina you both have given me prompt for which I always wanted to write, you know why ??because people always ask me how you manage all so many things at same time ??

Answer is my only one habit for which I am thankful to my mother(I am so inspired by her ..you will always find her name somewhere or other in my posts) and GOD for blessing and teaching me to have habit of TIME MANAGEMENT.

Being a mother of two naughty kids (8 years and 1 year) at home, it’s sometime tough to see what to do or not. I love blogging, taking writing challenges, playing online facebook and twitter contest which has given me name and recognition many times by winning big prizes, love cooking (I can’t have simple food as I am big foodie), love trying different recipes,  weekends guests always welcomed, staying with and taking care of inlaws keeps me and makes me happy and above all all my domestic engineering job but I love all this because of my habit “Time Management”.

I think is quality I inherited from my mom as a child she always goes for state level competitions and all of cooking but she manages so well never effected our studies and health and she continuously won championship trophy in cooking for 3 years. It was purely her dedication and willingness to do without effecting her home and support of my dad which made her strong. Thanks maa, for giving me this habit of managing time.

If you can manage your time, you can manage our life and you can only manage your time IF you want to do something otherwise there are 100s of excuses available for doing nothing.

This small poem for everyone written by me 🙂

समय की पुकार है

समय ही सही वार है 
गर समय निकाल गया 
तो बस समय का पशताप है 
समय का मोल है 
समझ ले वरना समय घूमता गोल गोल है 


Tina Basu

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