Happy Momma Moment

For every mother the every moment when you see your child smiling and playing and growing each day is the happy moment. When Ira was born in 2008 that day I thought this is my happiest moment, she completed me and my womanhood ..everyday is so happy and delightful that mentioning one moment is really tough….

Years later Ira started asking for her younger bother or sister , whie studying about siblings in EVS she started demanding for younger one and we decided again to bring home little joy of bundle but this time God was holding something else in his plan. My little boy got delivered in 6th month and was extremely premature where doctors told us no chances of survival …he was there in NICU but doctors were waiting for some bad news to give us, they don’t even kept him on life support system and for 8 hours my fighter son was fighting his battle without any artificial life support.

Then doctors called us and said let’s admit him and start medical treatment with all tests and all, we happily agreed hoping for miracles and after 2 months of medical treatment in hospital when doc called us and said “Yes you can take VIRAJ the miracle boy home” that moment was the happiest moment for me as a mother, It’s God’s blessings and my son’s fighting spirit with our prayers he is with us as naughty little one.

Read full story of his birth here.


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