When I Was A Child


When I was a child I still remember and cherish some very happy and funny moments of childhood.

One such funny incident I still remember and we often laugh on it.

Me and my elder sister used to take a walk of our lane. I was 12-13 years old and very quick in replying and singing is my all time fav job. So we both were taking walk and being a die hard fan of Madhuri Dixit I started walking and singing her new song “Mera piya ghar aaya …O Ramji ….” and my voice slowly and slowly went on increasing.. My elder sister said ” Ruchi stop ..chalti road pe nahi gaate …” and kept walking after she walked few steps she realized that I am not walking along with her , when she turned back she saw me sitting in middle of road.

She returned back to me and asked, “Why are you sitting on road ?” Get up let’s go back home ….

I told her, ” Didi kaun bola tumko road chal rahi hai…main gaa sakti hoon, chalte chalte gaate hai …road nahi chal rahi …”

Very angrily she took me back home and told all mom all what happened, mummy scolded me and said as all mothers says ” Char log dekhte toh kya kehte…aaise road pe baithe hai?”

My head down I only said, ” Mummy waha do log bhi nahi the ….char kaha se dekhte ”

I got good bash from papa after that, but now when we think about this incident we all smile and remember old good times.

Wish to turn back and go back to childhood.


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