21 Random facts about ME ;)


Well there is hardly anything which noone knows but some random facts about ME!!!

  1. True Gemini :gemini-quotes-1 I am a Gemini and proud of it 🙂 well…I have great quality of Gemini’s and believe that I have a twin sister inside me 🙂
  2. Thing which make me happy :
    When I really worked hard on any job …may be at home , cooking, managing things or in my job and when someone appreciate it and pat my back …It makes me happy.
  3. I’m sad : When I look up for an advice or to tell my achievement to my dad but can’t even call him, I feel sad as God seems to be in more need and he called him.
  4. Angry me : When I see people trying to take up advantage of other people just because other person is not saying anything. It really turn me off.
  5. Irritated me : when I hear someone being so sweet without really meaning those words.Someone who just say as they want to without meaning it from heart.
  6. My weakness: My kids.
  7. My Strength: Mayank my husband who knows me better than me.
  8. Thing I loveeeee to do : Dancing , can’t stop hearing good music and once started can’t stop dancing.
  9. I can’t stay at home with pets. Sorry !! I don’t like pets.
  10. Thing which annoys me : Don’t be over friendly and don’t poke our nose in my business until I want u to advice.
  11. I believe in GOD!!
  12. I don’t believe in daily sitting for hours and praying in front of God. I can’t do that.
  13. My best moment when me & Ira (my daughter) do some craft activity together.
  14. My fav food : Gol gappe, chicken,nimona,Kadhi….list is soooo long.
  15. My fav chef : My mom
  16. My Inspiration: My mom she is really a superwomen.
  17. Most scary moment of my life : When I was delivering my second baby premature Viraj and doctors given up and said “no chances of his survival” Bu my believe in GOD saved him.
  18. Thing I can never say but mean a lot : I love my inlaws but can’t say it as sounds me chessy if I say. But I really love them.
  19. Fav fighter(s) in my life: My all 3 sisters. Love to fight and being bossy on them.
  20. My fav Actress: Madhuri Dixit
  21. My fav quote: “Smile it costs nothing” .

These are random facts about me. Written for the prompt ” 21 random facts about me” and linking this post to Write Tribe.


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