10 Social Evils


It’s high time and it’s time to speak up against these 10 top social evils inside us or in our country, so that we can create a beautiful INDIA for our kids & set up an example for them to follow.

  1. Respect : respectRespect for others is first thing we need to learn .Respect yourself and then you can respect for every single individual. You can ONLY EARN respect can’t order someone to respect you. Give respect to Get respect.
  2. Pay your Taxes:  hartford-ct-06115-0505-se04rc-clipartIt’s time to show some responsibility towards yourself and your better future and country, please pay tax on time to government for your betterment.
  3.  Swachh Bharat :sample31 Who doesn’t like to eat, sleep and stay in a clean house or place. Take your this responsibility seriously too to keep your country clean. As this mission started by our honorable PM it’s only we can take this forward and show to world that “Yes!! we proudly live in SWACHH BHARAT” 
  4. NO GIRL MARRIAGE: PrintStand up for these little girls who have full right to enjoy their childhood , study and make their future bright. Don’t give them responsibility of family it’s time fr them to play and enjoy their life.
  5. Medical Facility:  medicalIt’s our right to get first aid treatment, unbaised doctors and no long bills to pay hospital bills. Medical treatment right should be same for every individual and those who can give should stand up and give this equally to all.
  6. Right to Education:  123_730_333_90Education is birth right for every child, time to say and proof that girl child is equal to boy child. If you are sending your son for education it’s your daughter’s equal right. If we can educate every child we would be having great future with so bright kids.
  7. NO to Dowry : dowrySay No to dowry, parents giving their daughter their life to you is more than a dowry. be a man with spinal cord and say NO to dowry but…but…but… parents who still think dowry is important for marriage request to read my post Dowry to WOWry and take such kind of WOWry.
  8. No violence against Women:no_violence_logo You will say ..”I respect women, never misbehaved with them but have you ever raised your voice against such unwanted event like domestic violence, rape, eve teasing and all…If you see such things , raise voice and help!!
  9. Stand United against Terrorism : terrorism-5vIt’s time to show entire world that we are so united that noone from outside can break us against terrorism. We have capability to show them that united we can just finish terrorism. Read my post We can if we want.
  10. STOP Criticizing : stopcomplainingDo your duties and follow rules, there are much more to do for our country rather sitting in group gossiping and criticizing our system and India. before speaking against just look inside yourself and ask “What I have one for this country ?”
The Post is written in line with the requirement of IndiSpire Post
Copyright © Ruchie2k16

5 thoughts on “10 Social Evils

  1. Great 10 points what we can do to make India better as a country and improve the self. The 10’S Nots should be banned and yesterday was telling a friend how I respect his kids and there is order like the typical uncle. I hate that social construct of being an uncle to children and showing fear.

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