My Sweet 16 !!!

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My Sweet 16,

I miss you so much, today when I got opportunity to visit you again how can I miss this.

16th you entered in my life with hope, dreams, confidence, colours and above all determination….yes!! this year when I really felt that yes I can achieve goals if I’m determined.

Dream of achieving 10338720_10204125081475830_7560670356319362833_ngood percentage so that I can take first step towards my goals. 16th you brought with yourself responsibility to fulfill dreams of mummy & papa with scoring good percentage in boards on which my 17th & 18th are dependent and on which my entire dreams are dependent.

16th you taught me to be confident and stand up against odd and unexpected turns of life and com out with colourful results,557835_10150820940129184_1112814459_n your blushing when your crush cross your way and just give you smile…and you start humming songs “pehla nasha…….” thanks for making my cheeks turning red when my friends tease me …but you never left me and my hopes of giving my parents reason to smile 🙂 they believed in me , trusted in me and you helped me to proof them “Yes they trusted their daughter and their daughter not let them down…”

Dearest 16 I know you will not return back to536684_10150820939799184_1033528449_n me but noone can ever take your memories from my life. Thanks for helping me, shaping my life in beautiful way. I’m proud of you the way you handled me for me you are sweet and most strongest 16 who made me and my smile to be there with me ever and ever and ever.

I love the song on you

“सोलह बरस की बाली उमर को सलाम
प्यार तेरी पहली नज़र को सलाम
दुनिया में सब से पहले जिसने ये दिल दिया
दुनिया के सबसे पहले दिलबर को सलाम
दिल से निकलने वाले रस्ते का शुक्रिया
दिल तक पहुँचने वाली डगर को सलाम
ऐ प्यार तेरी पहली…”

16 you will be always my dearest and close to my heart as still from heart ❤ I’m you ….I’m 16 🙂

Love you always 🙂







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