We can if we want !!

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I feel extremely proud to be an INDIAN ” country with traditions, values, cultures and emotions… Whenever I want to speak out this great country I remember first thing my mother always said (I’m very much inspired by my mom… you will find her name in every post )

“कोस-कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी…”

Yes only this country is having such diversity that on every mile the taste of water and language is different ….I am blessed by God that he has chosen me as one of such proud Indian to be a little small part of this great country !!

Today our country is facing some issues but as an individual we can help our country being more progressive and safe for every little individual. Some common issue WE as an Indian can help :

  1. Loyal to our country: Most common thing which is today over every social media platform about our government big achievement “Surgical Attack “. Does it really required to ask for proof or support someone else on stake of our country …what is more important, give respect country where you are born, country which has given you name , fame and above all food to eat… grow up in real terms not in terms of your money, status and political. Soldiers who has sacrificed their lives not for their own interest but to safegaurd you so that

    people can enjoy popcorn in intervals of movies in theater, so that you can earn money when it hits on box office…they sacrifice life so that you can stand up on stage and give long written speech to people who are going to vote for you. Stop passing judgments and giving such statements which proves that you are not at all worth being an INDIAN or human being..as a common people show respect to our soldiers and be loyal to your country.

  2. Help farmers:  Farmers are hardworking and brave people. but somehow the time is not supporting them. so its high time we support them. We can do little things to support them.a. donating money – right now they need money to survive. they cannot wait for 5 years for things to change. so you can donate money to any good NGO who is working to support them. here is one initiative by which you can adopt a family or famous bollywood actor nana patekar is also doing by talking about this issue on various front. he along with actors akshay kumar and makarand anaspure has also donated lakhs of rupees to the family of farmers who have committed suicide.

    b) buy locally produced vegetables and fruits – this is the most important step you can take to help farmers.

    c) don’t bargain with poor people selling vegetables in street. bargaining for 5-10 rupees with a poor person will not make you more rich. but it can make a lot of difference in the life of a poor person.

  3. Respect Women : Women face of love, purity, care, innocence and respect. As we pray to God, it is said that respect your mother too…country where we can’t save and respect women we are far behind in development …

    respecting women is not only I am talking about rape against women but also we as an individual wherever we see crme against women we should raise our voice be it Bal vivah , Female infanticide, domestic violence , rape or  human trafficking. Don’t just watch, raise your voice save girls and women, they are also from a family who loves them just like you love your mother, sister, wife or daughter.

Yes, theses are few things if we can do we can bring small changes and can help our country in our way and can create a better tomorrow.

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Written this post under writing challenge #IndiSpire138 topic “How can WE, the common public, help our country India?”.

Remember Sharing is gaining and you can help spreading knowledge and help our country!!

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22 thoughts on “We can if we want !!

  1. Ruchi you blog is very exemplary,outstanding and full of hard reality. I with great respect and reverence salute your mother who just in 9 words depicted total India.All the three points are the basics i.e Loyal to the country, Help farmers and Respect women for each and every citizen of India.

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  2. आपने तो मुझे भी इस विषय पर एक पोस्ट लिख डालने को विवश कर दिया है मित्र | बहुत ही सुन्दर सुझाव और विचार हैं , निश्चित रूप से परिवर्तनकारी | बहुत बहुत बधाई और शुभ्कामनाएं आपको , लिखती रहे ..

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  3. Well articulated. I would just like to modify your last point. Respect humans instead of respect women. Anybody with a good soul should be respected whether it is a man or a woman. Women are humans and humans are beautiful. Anybody who is indulging in the things you have mentioned are not humans and they do not deserve a place in our world.

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