Navrati-Day 5- SkandaMata


Being the mother of Skanda she is Skandamata. Worshipping Skandamata has on the fifth day of Navaratra has very iportacefor Yogis & Sadhaks . In her image the Lord Skanda in his infant form is always found. She holds him in her lap.


Using a lion as a vehicle, Mother Goddess has four arms & three eyes. She holds Lord Skanda in her right upper arm and a lotus flower in her right lower hand, which is slightly raised upward. The left upper arm is in a pose to grant boon and in left lower hand, which is raised, she again holds lotus. She is Golden . She is seated on lotus flower so she is called Padmasana.

Colour Of the Day : Royal Blue

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8 thoughts on “Navrati-Day 5- SkandaMata

  1. Crisp, short and simple article. The traditions are long forgotten for the present generation. Busy life styles leaves us with very little time to know these details. I am glad that I am getting to know about the minute details of Navaratri celebration.

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