I just finished my school and went Dehradoon for my graduation, while staying in hostel one girl decided to celebrate her birthday with orphanage kids.. Seen in movies like Mr.India and all , I was wondered that these kids how they manage to live without mummy & papa as I’m still very attached to them.

I told Shivani( birthday gal) that I will join you and want to meet those kids. We both went for shopping buying pencils , eraser, colours, colouring book, notebooks, chips, balloons, cake along with so many items to eat & took an auto to reach that orphanage ( I don’t remember the name, but still all images are ao fresh).

As soon as we enter with so much stuff in hands 3-4 kids playing in ground came running & asked “kisko milegi”. When we told to take us to office they guided us, within few seconds we were in front of sister who is managing that wonderful home for these special & beautiful kids. When we told her our reason of visit, she was little hesitated for this celebration as she was scared as without prior information noone is allowed. We requested & finally she agreed.

She called kids there were around 30 kids of age group between 1-15 years. When we asked ” These are only kids?”

She said “No”.

Then where are others. She took us in a big hall and we saw around 30-35 baby prams and new born babies, some sleeping, some crying loudly and this shook me from inside. How can someone leave so little tiny babies as 2 were just a one or two days old. How mothers live life without them? So many questions and so much anger were just building up.

We returned to hall where other kids were waiting for us to celebrate. We had cake cutting, some dance and all, finally we sat with kids for colouring and talking.

One question a girl asked me which still I can hear in her voice.

“Didi mummy papa kya hote? Accha kya hote nahi .. Kaise dikhte hai?”

That time also I had no answer to tell her , still I can’t answer that kaise dikhte hai??

That day changed my life.. I really feel pity on parents who abandoned their  kids but on other hand I feel good as they are so heartless parents who really don’t deserve these angel of  God!!

But  these kids also need home, also need parents, care , love … And parents who don’t have kids and want to adopt such kids also need them.

My posts under #MyFriendAlexa will share #GivingLife process & questions related to ADOPTION!!

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27 thoughts on “GivingLife

  1. Hey Ruchi Verma,
    It is truly an overwhelming experience to visit an orphanage. It suddenly puts things in perspective. We complain about our lives all the time, but when we see these kids, life just makes so much more sense. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.
    via #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

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  2. Such a heart melting story Ruchi. It’s one thing to read about it and totally another to be there and experience it, that is something which changes you. I never had such deep upclose experiences back in school days. So it was really great to get to read such a personal story. Thanks

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  3. Such beautiful post. You are right such parents don’t deserve these angels. Last I went to blind school where I got emotional seeing the struggle the kids do but still don’t give up and we who have everything, turn so gloomy at times. These kids are true heroes and inspiration 👌

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