Day 12


After all rituals of marriage time for one more time for bride to go back to her parents home and meet them this rasam is called “Pagphere

Do you know why this pagphere happens after marrige ?

In India, the daughters are considered as the Goddess of Lakshmi and thus the bride comes back to her home to ensure the best future and happiness of her parents.

Pag Phera ceremony, the bride has to stay at her parental home for two or three days. But before that, the bride’s brother generally comes to take back her to his home. When the ceremony ends, the groom come for taking her better half and seeks blessings from her parents. Girl’s parents offer some attractive gifts to their daughter and son-in-law in the name of shagun as this is her first visit to parental home after the big event.

Well what I love about this culture is, bride can visit her parents after marriage and enjoy … But on name of shagun gifts and cash is really makes me sad!!

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