Ebook review – Motivation & You by Shalini

Learning starts since from our birth and parents keep telling us first things ABC …
From then till our life we follow this in life ABC in every single thing.


A literature student who’s a compulsive reader who loves sports and keep experimenting with cooking too written up a book on these alphabet changing the meaning from A for Apple to A for Appreciation…

Her latest Ebook MOTIVATION &You 


Its all about spreading positivity around what we daily think by simply thinking , applying and motivating yourself & others around

She has listed every single alphabet with a unique motivational word which gives you positive energy to carry on your day and life!!!

What I have preferred yes I will take up one day one alphabet from her book and apply in my life to complete full month in such a motivational way is simply spreading happiness around


You can easily download her motivational Ebook here :


Follow her👍

Twitter : @TirelessReader

Facebook : Shalini Sharrma

Instagram : @Sharrmashalini


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