Raising up your star

My last post on parenting was about what things we should keep in mind raising up your beautiful daughters!!

Time to make sure what we should take care of raising our star at home too our son!!!


Boys are boys and always mother’s favorite… They are rough , tough and always active for some fun or mischief!!!

Few points which we should always keep in mind while parenting our tough boys

  1. Never say “BOYS DON’T CRY” 


Let your strong boy also show his emotions  -sad or happy encourage to show it to your as repressed emotions can lead to several psychological disorder.

2. You like cooking, dancing ARE YOU A GIRL 


Don’t stop him or judge him on his interest…allow him to choose & explore his hobbies & interest.

3. Don’t act like a girl


If your boy is coming upto you to ahow his emotions don’t tell him to stop as he is acting like a girl. Boys too have emotions and if he is coming upto u means he thinks & believe that you are his emotional anchor!!

4. You should be best in sports


Its not important that if he is a boy he have to be best in cricket or football may be he is good in other activities. Don’t put social burden or your choice of interest on him.

5. Be a man , fight back 


Telling him that he is a boy and he should always fight back or fighting proves that he is a strong boy will not be good .. Yeah teaching him to stand up for correct & right thing is perfect but giving him aggression is not make him cool.

6. You should be born a girl


Don’t use such words which is only use to hurt someone & have no means…

God has created every person with different qualities we should respect them…

7. Enjoy your motherhood


Your young bodyguard is surely believe that you are his angel God send to him enjoy your beautiful time raising him a superstar for tomorrow.


Kids in pics : Aayush, Reyansh & Viraj


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