Grandparents Grandsupport

Today I see nuclear families and then parents are so busy they can’t even think what new to be done to keep kids engaged and happy !!!


Parents in everyone’s life plays an important role but have  you ever thought how important grandparents are for your kids.

  1. Grandparents are one who guaranteed love their grandchildren more than anything. Kids living with their grandparents or visiting regularly to them are very much connected & attached to them.
  2. You will see kids learning more things in less time when they are with them.
  3. Grandparents can play many important roles in children’s lives. They can be loving companions, caregivers, mentors, historians and sources of various other forms of support. image
  4. Grandchildren love to spend time with their grandparents because grandparents make them feel like they are the center of attention and there is no one else more special.image
  5. Grandparents want to share their legacy with the grandchildren and enrich the children’s growing up experience with special time spent together. Grandparents like spoiling their grandchildren in a way that they never would have imagined doing with their own children .image
  6. Grandparents can offer unconditional love, encouragement, and support. They also can share their wisdom and a wealth of experience.image
  7. If grandparents are not staying with you make sure their grandchildren surely make one yearly quality visit to them or call them over to stay.
  8. Grandparents lives their second childhood with grandchildren.


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4 thoughts on “Grandparents Grandsupport

  1. grandparents are often more favorite people to hang out with for kids than parents. they are always a refuge for our mistakes. if we did something wrong and knew “aaj daant padne wali hai”, we would rush to our grandparents and stay there till matter is forgotton.. lol.. they always have something to give u.. even a toffee from them brings smile on our faces.. they are the santa claus to us throughout the year all our life.. just like parents, I wish every child should have grandparents too. They are blessings to all children.

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