Missing comical childhood

Reliving in childhood days who doesn’t want !!! I sometime miss those golden days of my life and now try to relive those days with my daughter telling her to buy good comic books and read …rather playing on tab and all my all time few ..trust me few comics which always make me laugh

lotpot – Now a days I saw same comic characters playing on cartoon channel …we use to laugh when we read it!!!


Every child read this and have a great collection of this

Hamare apne

Chacha Chowdhary I still believed that Sabu is from Jupiter 😄


Pinky she is darling of all family members.. Naughty yet chubby girl …just like me in childhood!!!


Nagraj series of book every boy loved !!!


Panchatantra- we learned moral science from this comic always giving some knowledge by small stories


Nandan- Book for all age group !! This comic book gives some activities too to do !! 


Billu – One thing I always wanted to know how billu is able to see with hairs all time on his forehead covering his eyes ..but he is friends friend!!!


Chandamama – Stories always made us connected to some historical event or mythological…but yes we enjoyed series of Chandamama!!!


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