Cheesy Pocket Pizza paratha

Hello everyone !!!

Who don’t love pizza??? Well almost 99% people love it and if I just bang in a group of my daughter they all every children love pizza

But I know being a mom that daily giving maida pizza is really we worried the most so I have given my daughter a Pocket Pizza Paratha  & now it’s her fav and everybody’s in my home.

So I just thought to give this easy and yummy and cheesy recipe to all my wonderful readers.

Lets start

  1. Make a dough with wheat flour with a pinch of salt and drops of oil and keep aside for 15 minutes to rest.




2. Well I am using Go Pizza Cheese as its really delicious and yummy for any sort of Pizza and very easily available in any store nearby .



Grate it and keep it aside in room temperature


3. Chop finely red, yellow & green capsicum along with one onion and boiled corn


Next important ingredient is oregano & chillie flakes as they are heart of Pizza


Well now for my pizza sauce I got something very interesting in store called pizza mix magic taste enhancer .. Just one spoon in any tomatoe sauce and you will get same yummy taste of pizza sauce


Here I got mine


Now mix all veggies and corn in cheese along with chillie flakes and oregano


4. Now all your ingredients are ready lets start oh !!! Forgot to mention we need mayonnaise too but it’s optional… I am using as Ira my daughter love mayonnaise…


Now roll  big chappati and in half apply pizza sauce and in half portion apply mayonnaise


5. Fill one half side of your chappati


6. Cover it from the other side and make a semicircle press gently from your finger and let them stick and give design from fork if you wish


7. Cook on tawa just like crispy paratha


Cut it and serve your cheesy pocket paratha pizza with tomato sauce. 😋


Check more such recipes on Kids Recipe- Tinystep

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