I Am Special Because …


Well, when I was small my mother always says” RESPECT YOURSELF AND YOU WILL GET RESPECT “ and I believe that this is as true as it.

I think I am a special person as I always get love from all around ..coming from secured and a happy family where my parents given up teaching to speak out your heart and never thought that son is important in life and given all of us a perfect education ….


I got wonderful education as I wished and came out in flying colour and completed my MCA from ALLIANCE BUSINESS ACADEMY, Bangalore but due to some circumstances God decided something else to put in my plate.


Back to lucknow to my parents is joined Lucknow University as lecturer and experienced wonderful life of teaching where I really learned a lot and gained love and respect….


And later met my Prince Charming and got married and settled


but desire to do something never ends being a passionate about dancing I decided to share my knowledge of dancing to kids and started teaching kids and my dream to meet my dream diva came true .


I think I am special as nothing more I can expect when my saying proved that “smile a lot it cost nothing ” and it increased my face value after I won title if Miss beautiful smile and got crowed by Bips.


I am special as I got most beautiful family where everyone support me in my every decision …I am special as I got wonderful friends to smile with me, I am special because I got wonderful rebirth in face of my kids, I am special because my better half respect me and my feeling, I am special as I am woman of today standing with respect and love.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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